GOG Just Got All The Old School Fallout And Elder Scrolls Games

GOG Just Got All The Old School Fallout And Elder Scrolls Games

If you’re going to do something, you might as well go all-out, right? In GOG’s case, that’s all-Fallout. Or all-Elder Scrolls out. Or… I’m sorry, I’m completely out of witty lines. How about I just stop and we talk about how GOG’s reached into its magical Bag of Games Past and pulled out some of the greatest hits from Bethesda and Interplay?

There’s a chunky post on GOG’s news stream that lists the titles the digital distributor has managed to secure from license holder Bethesda:

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Game of the Year Edition.
The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard – digital distribution premiere.
The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire – digital distribution premiere.
The Elder Scrolls: Arena – FREE with any Bethesda purchase.
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall – FREE with any Bethesda purchase, too.

It should be noted those last two are available as free downloads on the official Elder Scrolls site, so if you’re just after those, then there’s nothing to see here.

If it’s Fallout you’re after, well, here’s what GOG has:

Fallout 2
Fallout Tactics

Grabbing the games in their respective bundles will net you 33 per cent off in the case of the Elder Scrolls franchise, while the Fallout titles are 66 per cent off.

Oh and id Software fans get something too: Quake, Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II + Master Levels for Doom II + Final DOOM in a fat pack that will set you back $24.47.


Image: Fallout Wiki


  • The Fallout games are actually returning to GOG. Due to some licensing issues a few years back, GOG was required to stop selling those games. In true GOG style they did; by offering them for free.

    • Yep, I’ve had the original Fallouts on GOG for a while. It’s where I first got them, before they were on Steam at all if I remember correctly

    • This is true (I can see them in my GOG list).

      Be careful – the re-releases seem to have different game codes within GOG, so GOG won’t flag the new games as owned if you bought them previously. As such, it’s possible to buy them twice.

      In other GOG news, recently they (re-)released many of the old Gold Box AD&D 2nd Edition games as well as the Eye of the Beholder games. (Sadly the Buck Rogers games, the Dragonlance games and a couple of others are still not available.) Fair warning: the early Gold Box games are distinctly lacking in interface polish; in particular you needed to manually re-memorise all your mage spells. Also, there are class/race limitations that don’t really bite until the later games, making most of the nonhuman races nonviable if you plan to carry your party all the way from Pool of Radiance to Pools of Darkness. Still, they were early classics of the tactical RPG genre.

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