Grand Theft Auto 5 Breaks 54 Million In Sales, Evolve Quietly Slinks Away

Take-Two's financials continue to look rosy, with sales of Grand Theft Auto 5 starting to look like stretch goals for Star Citizen.

As you'd expect, the GTA series is more or less a licence for Take-Two to print money. The publisher announced in its latest quarterly results that GTA 5 — just GTA 5, not the entire series — has "sold-in over 54 million units" across all platforms.

Take-Two previously said in their full-year results that the franchise had "sell-in of over 53 million units", with the increase heavily influenced by the game's PC release in mid-April.

Interestingly, the highlights for the quarter failed to mention anything about Evolve, despite noting the release of the Hunting Season 2 DLC in late June. Evolve is noted alongside the WWE 2K series, NBA 2K franchise, Borderlands and Grand Theft Auto as one of the "largest contributors to Non-GAAP net revenue" but the report did not advertise any sales or playtime figures for Turtle Rock's asymmetrical FPS, unlike the annual report which revealed the new IP had sold approximately 2.5 million copies.


    I guess that explains why GTA5 refuses to go on sale.

    FINE. I can wait just as long as you can, Take Two! *folds arms*

      Pay the asking price man, it's worth it.

        He's right: sometimes developers really do deserve the full asking price. Even AAA ones.

        I paid full price for every GTA since Vice City. I liked them, but just not as much as everybody else seems to. So yeah I'd rather wait to pick it up cheap later. I'm sure The Witcher 3 will keep me busy until then anyway.

    I feel bad for Evolve's devs, whose higher-ups completely fucked their game over with the whole DLC thing.

    I must be in a minority. Played evolve longer than I played gta5.

    Evolve was hamstrung from the beginning by the shoddy dlc. They should have just kept their mouths shut and released the game.

    The game is perfect for a few rounds, pick up and play. On ps4 oceana it is a ghost town. Pity as it's the sort of game that benefits from a large player base.

    "Take-Two’s financials continue to look rosy, with sales of Grand Theft Auto 5 starting to look like stretch goals for Star Citizen."

    Priceless comment :)

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