GRIP Wants To Remind You What An Exploding Track Looks Like

If you haven't gotten on the GRIP train yet, the developers have pushed out a video which shows why you might want to.

I wrote about the Kickstarter for GRIP, a spiritual successor to the intriguing but much under-appreciated combat arcade racer Rollcage, last week.

A fair few people have since jumped on board and it's wonderful to see that there is still a huge amount of passion for this kind of game. But I can't help but feel that the original videos, stills and gifs didn't quite communicate the maniacal destruction that occurred in Rollcage — and GRIP.

The gifs were just a fraction too short and the cutaways of gameplay too frequent, you see. But thankfully, the developers have pushed out a new video which has longer sequences that properly communicates what it's all about: blowing the track, other cars, yourself, up.

Looking at the GRIP vehicles is now making me think about Battlebots. I wonder why there hasn't been more tie-in games for that.


    The Rollcage vibe was so strong in this...and this is a good thing.

    Reminds me of P.O.D... and Rollcage; but mostly P.O.D.

    And then a little of Wipeout due to the speed. God I miss Wipeout.

    Plz help make this happen folks. Rollcage was so sweet for drunken couch co-op shenanigans.

    I can't wait till December 2016. Great Kickstarter but I was hoping for a 6 to 8-month wait, not 16 month. Shame, it looks really cool!

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