Grow Home Leads September's Free PS Plus Lineup

Grow Home Leads September's Free PS Plus Lineup

There are some great games coming your way next week. September's lineup kicked off the first time PlayStation owners have been allowed to vote on one game that's part of the lineup, and they picked Grow Home. (Excellent choice, if I may say.)

The rest of the list, announced today by the company, ain't too shabby, either.

  • Super Time Force (PS4)

  • Xeodrifter (PS4, PS3, Vita)

  • Twisted Metal (PS3)

  • Teslagrad (PS4, PS3)

  • La Mulana EX (Via)

Microsoft hasn't revealed its Games With Gold slate just yet; I'll know you know when they do.


    I voted for Armello I think it was, the other 2 games appealed to me more then the single playing grow home but can't fight the majority so I'll be interested trying this out.

      Yeah, I voted Armello, too. Sounded the most interesting one to me.

      Oh well - I think they said the 2 that didn't win the vote would still have a PS+ discount on them, so might still pick it up.

      Looks like a card game. I'll just play it at my dinner table.

    Poor choice IMO. Armello was the more interesting game at the highest price point and Grow Home has been available on PC for months.

      Excellent choice as it's the one I wanted to play most. :p

      LOL that's why it won the vote - because people had heard of it and wanted to try it!

      Do you know what the most popular digital game on X1 is (and has been for months)?

      Goat Simulator

      I can only speak for myself but I knew the game was on PC for a year prior but I don't want to play games on my PC so I'll happily wait until it's available on my dedicated gaming device.

      I suspect a lot of consumers feel the same way - indeed if Grow Home comes out on the X1 this month also I'll probably buy it cuz it sounds like fun!

    I to voted for Armello. Looks like if Kotaku held the election we would of had a different result.

    *pfft* Armello should've won. Stupid people, not knowing what they should want.

    Ehhhhhhh, democracy never works they way YOU want it.
    Give me a nice benevolent dictator anytime.
    Grown Home looks nice but I have the feeling it will bore me...
    I wanted a co-op game so looked at the Zombie Vikings.

    Over all though PS+ is becoming rather average. Not talking about AAA titles, just 'meh' content.

    I really don't get the h8rs of PS+ every month, the games just keep getting better and better. Super Time Force, plus Grow Home, plus all this Vita love... I mean this is awesome.

      We want some "real" games. Indies are fine I suppose but remember how good the line-up was on PS3? Proper AAAs all the time. There's only been 2 games on PS4 PS+ that I'd call AAA, and one of them was the glorified demo Ground Zeroes.

      If I like the look of an indie I'll drop the $20 or whatever and buy it. But there are plenty of mainstream games that still retail at $40+ I wanna check out.

        But they don't have as much incentive to include big games for PS4 users. Unlike PS3 or Vita users, if a PS4 user drops PS+ they also lose access to multiplayer. So the selection of games included in the subscription is less important.

        Isn't tying of services great?

          I'd rather have three AA indies games per month, than having a two year old AAA game that in all likelihood I've already bought and played. Each to their own. Looking at this list of PS3 games, it doesn't look like a list of 10/10 AAA games every month, history is always viewed through rose tinted glasses:

            2013 alone we had Spec Ops: The Line, Demon's Souls, Deus Ex: HR, Uncharted 3, Borderlands 2 and heaps more. These were some of the greatest games of the generation! In the nearly two years we've had PS+ for PS4 we've had, as I mentioned earlier, maybe 2 AAA games (and pretty mediocre ones at that).

            Surely we could be getting some AAA launch(ish) titles like Killzone, AC4, Knack, NFS:Rivals, Thief. But no we're stuck with glorified iOS games. The formula should be something like 1x launch(ish) AAA + 1x ~year old AA + 1x recent indie.

            /end of entitled gamer rant

    Bugger! I was hoping Armello would win, as I love digital board games. Speaking of which, they need to release Catan on the PS4....Catan rules

    I don't think I'll buy Armello either, as I'm pretty sure it will end up in the plus rotation at some point in the near future.

    Here's an idea - Sony should do this multiple choice thing again, but instead of a majority wins, you just get to pick one game from the line up.

    Ooh, Twisted Metal! Forgot that was a thing. Also, I look forward t playing La Mulana on my Via.

    I was kind of "meh" towards September's game. After see Patrick's Grow Home video though I am intrigued.

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