Guild Wars 2, You Are On Fire

Guild Wars 2, You Are On Fire

Matthew Oswald is a cinematic director and motion designer, which is a nice change from the stuff we normally feature here on Fine Art. Instead of designing the worlds and characters in games, Oswald gets to move them around and shoot them real pretty-like.

Below are some examples of his stuff. Because a bunch of people were involved in the making of all these videos (and also because his job involves all different kinds of work), I've highlighted Oswald's role in each.

You can see more of Matthew's work at his Vimeo page.


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    How good is guild wars 2?!

    I hadn't seen all of these, but that last one was particularly cool.

      GW2 is excellent. It's probably top 3 in MMOs I've played.
      It is geared towards the more casual player though. (Admittedly I've not done any Fractals of the Mists yet so I don't know how long they go for.)

      I've just started playing it again after a fairly long break and I'm loving it all over again.

    That montage made me want to play GW2 so bad, but I'm utterly lost and confused on my old necro I made when it came out >_

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