Guillermo Del Toro Says World War 3 Will Start If He Gets Into Video Games Again

Guillermo Del Toro Says World War 3 Will Start If He Gets Into Video Games Again
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The legendary director has drawn a line in the sand. And video games are on the other side.

It’s a shame that someone of Guillermo Del Toro’s talent and experience has decided to walk away from the video game industry, but the argument he put forward in an interview with Shacknews makes it pretty difficult to disagree.

“I joined THQ, and THQ goes broke. I join Kojima, and Kojima leaves Konami. I have decided, in order not to destroy anyone else’s life, I have decided I will never again get involved in video games. Otherwise, I’ll join someone and his house will explode, or something.”

He added he wasn’t going to cut ties with the video game industry entirely, however, saying he was open to allowing developers to create video games off his creations.

But the damage has been undeniably done. Del Toro has had some awful experiences and what happened with PT, for the meantime, appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It’s good to know that there can still be Del Toro-inspired games though. I’d really like a game based off Pan’s Labyrinth; I reckon that’d make for an intriguing walking simulator, for lack of a better phrase.


    • My god.. He doesnt realise the power that he actually has… we could finally see the end of EA, Ubisoft, aCTIVISION and 2k!

          • 2k were the first to give us the Australia Tax way back in 2009 when they increased the price of Borderlands to 80USD 2 weeks after release with the excuse that the original price of 60USD was wrong. they also bullied Green Man Gaming into charging us more and tried to do the same to GoG.

            2k have just been able to stay under the radar while Ubisoft and Ea keep shooting themselves in the foot.. kinda like how abbot got into power by keeping his head down while the labour party imploded and how shorten will the next election.

          • And yet somehow he won by a landslide…
            leave the politics out of my video games news please…

            Haha now how about a video game based on the Strain, just as long as a decent studio gets it…. Cmoooonnnn TellTale

          • just pointing out that your “and yet somehow he won by a landslide” rebuttal makes absolutely no sense because the post you responded to was actually giving a theory to support that exact situation… so your statement didn’t conflict with his in any way.

            but yes, I concur, lets not bring our depressing political climate into our videogame news, it’s sad enough already.

            I think comparing 2k to EA is a bit harsh, I mean yes 2k has some distasteful business practices that we should be fighting against, but at least they still make/publish decent games that for the most part work.

          • I thought it was the original Modern Warfare that started the whole Aussie Tax cavalcade after one of the retail stores complained about people getting it for half the price through Steam?

      • Now, as with all scientific discoveries, we need to find a way to weaponise him and point him at all that oppose us.

  • Note that this interview was before he tweeted that he’s still working on something with Kojima, so don’t lose all hope.

  • “he was open to allowing developers to create video games off his creations”

    For the love of god, SOMEONE give me a Pacific Rim RPG game with +500 hours of gameplay.

  • So he wont work on video games, what about video game movies? I want a decent game to movie adaptation for once. Looking at you Uwe Boll >.>

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