Here’s A Reason To Care About Forza 6: It’s Got Bathurst And V8’s

Here’s A Reason To Care About Forza 6: It’s Got Bathurst And V8’s

Most Australians ask the same question every time a “serious” racing game comes out. “Does it have Bathurst,” the cry goes, before being summarily rejected.

Not this time.

Microsoft has announced the one thing that will get the hearts of most motorheads racing: Bathurst will be making an appearance in this year’s Forza 6 when it launches on September 15.

As an added bonus, Forza 6 will come with all 10 cars from this year’s V8 Supercar series with current liveries as well. Mark Skaife, a five-time V8 Supercar championship himself, will also be providing a voice-over for the game.

It’s nice to know that at least someone has finally delivered someone is continuing to support the inclusion of V8s in modern racers.

Below you can see shots of the Holden, Mercedes, Volvo and Ford cars in the game, along with the Nissan which might be sacrilege to some people. But it’s there in real life, so sorry about that.

Update: The previous Forza, as many pointed out, did have Bathurst and one V8 supercar. Apologies all and thanks for the feedback.


  • Didn’t Forza 5 also have Bathurst and V8s? This is cool and all but I wasn’t really aware this was an issue, since I’m not much of a racing enthusiast.

      • Nurburgring is one of my least favourite f1 tracks (after the a1 ring or whatever red bull call it these days). That stupid chicane at the end is just painful – you need to cut it for a good lap time but trying to work out how much you can legitimately cut is painful. Bathurst is a great track for all the cars (other than the tiny slow ones…..) – but it really shouldn’t have to be a trade off. Turn 10 have laser mapped bathurst so it will be in for the foreseeable future… maybe Nurburg F1 will follow (Personally I would prefer Monza with the 1960’s circuit….)

    • Didn’t have all the current season’s cars and liveries, but it did have Bathurst in there (and one random V8 car but nothing from 2014).

      • Fair enough then. I didn’t really get up to the Supercars. So many of the high-end cars were priced so high at launch that I sort of lost momentum about halfway through the career. I think I got a free Supercar as part of Forza devs apologising for their broken economy (which was a poor attempt to get people to pay for in-game money, IIRC) and tried it out, but that was about it.

      • of course it didn’t have current season cars… it’s coming up to 2 years old… forza 4 had 5 fords and 5 holdens with current (for the time) liveries… no bathurst i believe but forza 5 made up for that…

      • Actually had 3 V8 Supercars as well – had an FG Falcon (#5 from 2011) and a VE Commodore (#1 from 2011) and had a 3rd added in DLC – A VF Commodore (#10 from 2013).

      • Yeah, it had some 2013 (the most recent at the release of Forza 5) cars (4 Holden, 4 Ford IIRC), along with a Holden in Xbox livery as DLC to go with the 2013 race (for which Xbox sponsored a wildcard entry run by Red Bull Racing Australia – that one finished 10th). In 2014, they also gave away one of the on-disc Fords repainted as Xbox livery to go with Ambrose racing that livery in the Sydney 500 (the last race of the year) as a wildcard, ahead of him rejoining the series “full-time” in 2015. Ironically, he would step out of the car after only two events. Forza 4 also had licensed V8SCs with liveries, but Bathurst only came in with F5. However, back in the first Forza Motorsport, there was a track called Blue Mountains, which looked suspiciously similar.

        • Also worth noting that Project CARS obviously has Bathurst, but it doesn’t have any V8s at all.

          Just for disclosure, so on and so forth.

  • Forza 4 had V8 supercars, project cars has Bathurst & Grid Autosport, Gran Turismo 6, Forza 5 as well as iRacing have both Bathurst and V8’s. I would call all of these games ‘mainstream’.

      • Yeah, I’ve just made an update: cheers for jumping on the mistake! I think I’ll go make another (large) cup of coffee.

        • Also, and I’m honestly not just trying to shit on your enthusiasm here, but you also stated
          Forza 6 will come with all 10 cars from this year’s V8 Supercar series with current liveries as well
          There are a lot more than 10 cars and 10 main liveries in the 2015 V8 Supercars championship, I believe it’s about 25-26 drivers. There’s probably only about 10 teams though?

          • Hmmm… well, we have two Fords in-game for two teams (Prodrive Racing Australia [runs 4 cars, represented here by #5] and DJR Team Penske [runs 1 car, the #17]), one Volvo team [2 cars IRL, the #33 in-game], one Mercedes team [2 cars, both the #4 and #9], one Nissan team [4 cars, the #23 here], and lots of Holdens [Red Bull is a two-car team, with #1 in-game; Brad Jones Racing runs 3, including the #14; Tekno runs only the #97; Holden Racing Team [aka Walkinshaw Racing] has 4 cars, including the #22; and the only team not to be represented is Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport, who run two cars in the series].

  • Bathurst has, as stated above, been in a bunch of games. However, it’d be good to see Philip Island, Adelaide street circuit (F1 and V8 configurations) and maybe Eastern Creek get some love.

  • I’m clearly out of the loop. Since when has Volvo, Mercedes and Nissan been a part of V8 Supercars? I’m a little torn, honestly. On one hand, t diminishes the old Ford and Holden rivalry somewhat, but on the other hand, I’m a huge Mercedes fan.

    • Couple of seasons back now. Volvo sounds the best of the lot, very intersting engine note when it goes sailing by

    • Nissan entered the Altima and Mercedes entered the E63 AMG in 2013 when the first generation of Car of the Future began. Volvo entered with the Polstar S60 at the start of 2014.

  • Most Australians ask the same question every time a “serious” racing game comes out. “Does it have Bathurst,” the cry goes, before being summarily rejected.

    Am I on crack, or did Forza 5, the last Gran Turismo and Project CARS ALL have Bathurst?

    I’m 99% sure that they did….

  • I swear there isn’t a single person at Kotaku who actually knows what they are talking about when it comes to racing games.

  • Traditionalists may be down about losing their treasured Holden v Ford rivalry, but the inclusion of other manufacturers in the V8s is the best thing to happen in years. May lose this niche appeal it was known for, but with more manufacturers on board the V8s can attract a much wider appeal both locally and internationally. If Forza 6 is any indication, well they are certainly showing more interest in this race nowadays than previously.

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