Hi Chun-Li!

Hi Chun-Li!

Yinxuan Dezarmenien is a freelance 3D artist based in France who suddenly has me wishing there was a legal loophole that would allow Chun-Li to appear in Disney Infinity.

You can see more of Yinxuan's work at her personal site and ArtStation page.

Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!
Hi Chun-Li!


    Luke, are you fucking serious? Always with this shit... And I'm not going to get into the sexist part of this post in fear of starting a GG discussion. Act like a fucking games journalist for once or step down...

    P.S. Please take Patricia with you if you step down.... Plz...

    Last edited 14/08/15 10:54 pm

      Luke's thought process for this "article";

      Picture #1: It's Chun-Li! Everyone likes Chun-Li she is the strong female character type and in this she looks cute! Win win for all!

      Picture #2: Chun-Li again... But this time a looking vulnerable... Because... Ummm...

      Picture #3: Sexy bikini girl! Cos Chun-Li was getting awkward and... Ummm... Oh...

      Picture #4: Shit! I'm starting to look like a creepy guy! What to do! What to do! AH HA! I'll post a picture of some guys doing guy stuff... Better make them black... To appeal to the minorities and not seem racist! I'm a fucking genius.

      Picture #5: Ok now... Back to the babes... But not too strong, can't make it too obvious... Maybe this?

      Picture #6: Ok! It's gotta have worked by now... No one will suspect a thing... TENNIS BABE WITH SHORT SKIRT! OOOOOOOOOHH YEAH!

      Picture #7: Now I gotta break this up a bit, I don't want an SJW in here ruining my epic post. Back to the multiple shots of that camera chick again... Those poses are a bit sexual though... NA THEY WON'T NOTICE! WIN!

      Picture #8: I've got them under my thumb now, they will never guess I'm just a pervert! I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT NOW! POSTING THE THONG TH-TH-TH-THONG GIRL!

      Picture #9: Oh yeah! I'm on a roll, now for some sexuality bread action to feed my "I am bread" fetish.

      Picture #10: ...Hmmm, maybe I pushed it to far with the bread thing? Ah fuck it, camera girl will pull me out of this!

      Picture #11 & 12: Ok ok, this masterful article is getting a bit long now, better rap it up... OH SHIT... This post makes me look like a perve... How to fix without undoing all my hard work...



      I KNOW! I'll through in some pictures of kids! That won't make me look creepy at all!

      The End.

      Or is it?

      Last edited 14/08/15 11:11 pm

        I think you need to have a quiet word with your internal monologue buddy
        I think there are some deep seated issues there

          No, I'm just tired of Luke's fucking bullshit posts...

            You mean the ones that are "Fine Art", showcasing various cg artists work from around the world. It is a mini gallery, not a report. There is plenty of Luke's stuff you could go for but this rant is stretching it, makes you look like the douche.

            And oh noes, some pics of the same character with different emotions. And with clothes that people actually wear as well. What a sexist artist..... oh wait, female artist. Awkward. My SJW kicked in a little early.

        yep, I would have enjoyed this a lot more without the kids, bread in soup and black dudes... just babes please.

        This is a showcase of the (female) artist's work, there's nothing even remotely sexist here. If you've got a problem with the content of the art that's your problem, not anyone else's. Don't project your personal issues onto others.

      Isn't this a "Fine Art" article? These are the only Plunkett articles I can deal with. There really wasn't anything bad about this

      Another thing wrong with this article is the image with the two black kids. One of them is making the Devil Rock Horns with their hands. Black urban kids don't make that sign.
      Am i the only one but... This art is creepy. The females in these images have a young under age feel about them yet they are portrayed in a sexual manner.

    Ah dude that's not Chun Li. And this generic cookie cutting shit most certainly isn't fine art.

    Last edited 15/08/15 11:28 am

      Of course it's Chun Li, what makes you think it isn't? The image filenames on the artist's website even start with "chunli".

        So you mean if I take a photo of myself dressed as Chun li and name the file chunli then I'm Chun li? Cool!

          Don't be pedantic. There's no such real person as Chun Li, everything is just a depiction. The official games depict Chun Li, the cartoon series depict Chun Li, the pictures above depict Chun Li and your photo (if you were to take it) would depict Chun Li. They're all different styles but they all depict the same character.

            No. If I was being pedantic I'd point out that only the games and licensed comics/vision are depictions of Chun Li.

            At its best this is fan art. At its worst this is an artist taking a generic artwork and applying a blue and yellow pattern to parts of it to dupe nerds into looking at art they otherwise wouldn't have... Which is abundantly clear from most of the comments.

              You're mistaken. They're all depictions, whether they're official or not. Fan art is still a depiction of the character. There's nothing in the definition of 'depiction' that ties in with ownership of intellectual property. You are being pedantic.

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