Hi, Let's Stream Some Metroid Prime

Hi, Let's Stream Some Metroid Prime

I hear Metroid Prime is a pretty good game. Let's stream it!

After taking a few months off to play other things, I've come back to my first playthrough of Metroid Prime. I figured it'd be fun to stream some of the game as I go. You can watch the stream here:

Fair warning: This ain't a speedrun, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do next. I've never played! But if you want to relax and watch a Prime newbie explore Tallon IV for the first time, this is your jam. If you have any tips or pointers, I hope you'll pipe up in the chat.


    I would really enjoy watching this, if the page didn't refresh every 5 minutes.

    Edit: Eh, that was catty, I didn't realise you could click on the video to view it in Twitch.

    Last edited 14/08/15 12:07 pm

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