Horizon: Zero Dawn's Clouds Are Almost As Cool As The Robot Dinosaurs

Horizon: Zero Dawn had one of the best debuts I can ever remember at an E3 event.

Robot dinosaurs. Seriously. People were losing their minds and rightly so. This game is gorgeous — even its clouds are gorgeous.

In a presentation at SIGGRAPH 2015 Guerrilla Games showed off some of the volumetric cloudscapes being used in Horizon: Zero Dawn and they're very, very pretty.

I'm a sucker for nice looking clouds in video games. Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher 3... now it's looking likely that Horizon: Zero Dawn is taking sunset porn to a new level. Just hook it to my optic nerve...
Horizon Zero Dawn Time Lapse by DarkLordAwan

Originally spotted on Gearnuke.

Thanks NeoGAF


    Good thing there's video, that gif isn't doing them any favours at all.

    That gif lol. Ultra low quality, badly compressed, image ghosting.

    Those clouds actually do look amazing. The foliage and the draw distance too. Maybe the PS4 is not the glorified laptop I poke fun at.
    Now why does Witcher 3 not look like that on my PC hmmm.

    Mark, the last game you got stupidly excited about the skyboxes for was Destiny and, well, see how that turned out :P

      Fair point, though I will give zero dawn this, it isn't making it's own hype machine. It is simply showing its game and letting people get excited without using phrases like "you will be playing this game for years" or "you will love this dog" and so on.

      to be fair, the sky boxes in destiny are pretty damn gorgeous

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