How Waiting For The Opponent In Hearthstone Actually Feels

How Waiting For The Opponent In Hearthstone Actually Feels

In Hearthstone (or basically in every turn-based game), a few seconds of waiting, while it's the opponent's turn to act, can be frustrating. Markytecht on YouTube found an interesting way to show how frustrating.

Each turn in Hearthstone lasts 75 seconds, where the last 20 seconds are visualised by a burning rope. It might be only a few seconds, but it certainly feels more (especially if the opponent's abusing it):

Well, let's not talk about the amount of effort that went into this. And you can't see in the video what happens at the end. The rope's probably still burning.


    Fuck everyone who slow rolls in that game. Whether your about to win or lose its a dick move thats utterly unnecessary

      the worst of the worst are the people who are going to lose in a turn or two and intentionally rope away doing nothing in the hopes you'll just leave or something

    Yep, my biggest pet peeve about Hearthstone is the opponent taking forever on turn 1 (if it's lag or dc that's fine) or delaying turns to grief the other player, it's not nice :/

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