If Star Wars Took Place In Northern England

If Star Wars Took Place in Northern England

The Star Wars movies are filmed at Pinewood Studios in England, but take place in a galaxy far, far away. Imagine if they took place in the UK and if Ken Loach directed them.

British filmmaker Ken Loach is known for his gritty, naturalistic films, such as My Name is Joe and Riff-Raff. He should make a Star Wars spin-off.


    Lol that was chuffing brilliant. "Stop twatting about wiv me best china or I'll leather thee". Do people in Northern England say thee? Brilliant, I'm gonna start saying it

      I always found 'ye' more common but I lived in Leeds rather than Barnsley. Don't pay attention to the dirty Southern Yorkshire speak, West Yorkshire's where it's at

    Wow, Gifs that don't play automatically, when did that happen?

    Aside, I agree that was hilarious.

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