If You Like Chaotic Local Co-op Battles, Capsule Force Is Out Today

Like shooting your friends? Capturing the universe? Nidhogg-style back and forth multiplayer? Then you'll probably want to look at Capsule Force.

It's a local multiplayer shooter that focuses on two platforms in the middle of the screen. When a player gets on the platform, they can ride it to the other side — at which point the screen scrolls over, Nidhogg-style.

If you go all the way to your opponent's base, you can capture their capsule and the galaxy (you simply need to touch the capsule to win). Of course, to do this you'll need to dodge various traps, your opponents, their bullets and their laser beams.

It's probably best explained with a video. The actual trailer flails around a bit, so here's a gameplay video from the developers instead that gets straight to the point.

Capsule Force is available on Steam for US$15 and $22.95 on the Australian PS Store.


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