If You Were Having Trouble With Jet Force Gemini In Rare Replay, You Weren’t Alone

If You Were Having Trouble With Jet Force Gemini In Rare Replay, You Weren’t Alone

Briefly: If you were having trouble with Jet Force Gemini in Rare Replay, you weren’t alone. As Stephen pointed out in his review, the controls suck. Fortunately, the studio’s patched in modern controls, bringing it up to speed with a standard third-person shooter.


  • They ‘kind of’ made a modern control scheme. Try it out yourselves but it still feels very strange turning the character. If you hold down left trigger (aim) all the time, THEN it does move like a modern shooter, but you cant jump, the camera pulls in close, and your character becomes transparent. Ofcourse your also stuck holding the trigger down.

    The collection in general is cool but it could have been so much more. I know there are licensing issues but it really needed Goldeneye. No Rare history is complete without their defining game.

    The other series that put rare on the map is Donkey Kong Country and thats not there either! If Nintendo arent going to give gamers access to the classics let MS do it.

    Also would have loved to have seen DK64 and DKR given the remaster treatment. Sadly would never happen.

    Finally I would have swapped the shithouse battletoads arcade substandard streets of rage ripoff and put in battletoads in battlemaniacs.

    • Nintendo have given access to DKC series it’s on the WiiU VC while the gameboy series is on the 3DS VC. DK64 is also on WiiU VC.

    • I think that after 15-odd years of people talking about it nobody really expected MS to get a revamped Goldeneye onto the Xbone.

      As amazing as it would be if it got the Perfect Dark remake treatment (that game is awesome on the 360/Xbone), the licencing is all over the place now. Rare, EA, MGM, whoever owns the Bond franchise now, Nintendo…. hell even all the actors would need to be brought back in for a HD facial scan or asked to hand over their likenesses again…..I don’t think anyone thinks it’s worth the effort.

      Donkey Kong, too, was never going to happen. Nintendo owns the rights to the character and there’s no way in hell he’s appearing on a MS console, especially while Nintendo continue to actively use the licence in several of their biggest titles.

      Luckily I’m not a huge fan of the 2D Donkey Kong games, so to me I guess it’s a pretty good collection and gameplay wise Perfect Dark was a million times better than Goldeneye anyway (even though the weapons, settings, music ect are irreplaceable).

      I would have loved to see Diddy Kong Racing and DK64 though!

    • The controls aren’t perfect but they’re still way ahead of the original. It’s now a little awkward like Blast Corps instead of outright unusable (I’m just running around holding LT). I doubt it’ll happen but I’m hoping that at some point we’ll get another revision to the controls that adds analogue camera controls across the board. Blast Corps is pretty frustrating when you’re looking for one thing and you’re stuck with a field of vision of about 3m.

  • Nintendo should re-release Goldeneye, DKC and DKR. They’ve given us DK64 so this isn’t off the table.

    On a unrelated sidenote, when can we download GCN games from VC?

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