Fallout Shelter Is Finally On Android, Get It Now

If you've been waiting to play Fallout Shelter on Android, today's the day you can finally get it. You can grab it on the Google Play store.

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    I got it, it's pretty cool but my vault went unchecked for a couple hours now I have 0 power, 0 water, 0 food and every rooms dark so I can't do much.

    Do you have to play it constantly to keep it going?

    Also if you cant' find it on the play store scroll down further it's not at the top

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      sorta, though getting one of those robots does it for you

        What robots? Is it a case of me not playing it enough initially and they automate things later?

          i think they are earn-able in-game but they are like $1.33 on google play

      You get to a tipping point, like you need to get a bunch of power, water and food before you stop playing. I don't have an exact figure but the game does 'continue' after you stop playing it, maybe for 2-3 minutes which could be enough to drain all of your resources if you've not got a lot of stored energy.

        Might start another vault tomorrow when I have time to get it going properly. I thought I had a decent amount built up when I left it this morning but after just checking it again I had everything going bad.

          Remember you may have your bar 'maxed out' but the real thing you should be focusing on when you want to switch off is the the little small 'reserve' bar that is located 'inside' of your resource bar (It's the line that is actually inside your resource bar(.

          If you are only a little above that line when you switch off playing, you'll be low on resources. When you have a bunch of resources above this line then your dwellers won't die... Unless you left them to explore the Wastelend like me. RIP Professor Cromwell :(

      you sir are a genius I am impatient scrolled down like 2 pages couldnt find it gave up but sure enough its there

      At first when your vault is small you'll find it a bit of a struggle, you'll want to check in occasionally to regularly top up your resources. Once you've got a few rooms established though, you're fine. I personally hit the population cap ages ago and have maxed out water/power/food etc so I tend to just check in once a day to revive/recall my explorers and that's about it. Unfortunately on my iPhone 5S with a maxed out cap the game takes awhile to load and eats battery like a mother.

    Just got it. Ant wait to play it.
    Cheers for the heads up.

    wow, my crappy $100 HTC runs this a treat. Nice surprise!

    Couple of tips from someone who has been playing on iOS for a few weeks:

    1) Dwellers increase their special in training rooms faster when they are low level ie a level 1 dweller will train faster than a level 20 dweller
    2) quickest way to level up a dweller is send it to the wasteland. You can max out 25 stims and radaways for each dweller in the wasteland. Always give them as many stims as possibel to the max, Radaways, they hardly use - just give them 10.
    3) you can revive dwellers in the wasteland by spending caps on them.
    4) remember to RUSH any rooms at least once a day for extra materials and caps. The more you RUSH a room, the higher chance of an incident (fire, radroaches). 24% seems to be the magic number. If the possibility of an incident is below 24%, it's usually safe to RUSH.
    5) Don't make big rooms, then upgrade. Create a single room, upgrade it, create another room of the same type next to it and upgrade it so it merges. This seems to be cheaper in caps than merging 4 base level rooms, then upgrading the large room.
    6) If possible, make sure every dweller has a weapon (even if it's a crappy BB Rifle) as Radroaches can spawn anywhere (even when not RUSHing). However, nothing nasty will happen when you are not actively playing ie no radroach infestations or raiders decimating your vault when you log into the game.
    7) Upgrade your vault door as soon as you can, it allows you more time to get dwellers in place when raiders attack. leaving dwellers in the entrance is a waste of resources when they could be working in production rooms.

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      5) Don't make big rooms, then upgrade. Create a single room, upgrade it, create another room of the same type next to it and upgrade it so it merges. This seems to be cheaper in caps than merging 4 base level rooms, then upgrading the large room.

      This is actually wrong. It is better to either max a room to 3 if you're going for aesthetics, or keep it 2-wide for efficiency (unless this issue has been fixed with the latest content patch as otherwise 3-wide are not as cost-efficient as 2-wide). Only upon getting to the size you want should you upgrade the whole thing.

      For example: A base Power Generator of single width upgrades for 250 to level 2, then 750 to level 3. Doing this over the course of making a 3-wide room would end up costing you 3000 caps. If you just made a base 3-wide room and then upgraded it would be only a total of 2000 caps.

      So yeah, the rule is to make the room as wide as you want before upgrading.

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        Thank you, I stand corrected. My comment was unscientifically based on the apparent costs of upgrading whilst playing, not on an analysis of the actual caps required. :-)

    This game is horribly demanding I uninstalled it 3 hours later.

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