In Australia, Mortal Kombat Fatalities Start With A BBQ

First: a warning. This 'real-life' Mortal Kombat fatalities video isn't real, but it is super, super gory. Like really gory.

It's also amazing. So you're gonna have to balance that out.

My advice: watch it.

It's also the most Australian thing ever. It literally starts with a BBQ. Then things escalate. People call each other 'bro' a lot. Then they fight to the death in the most gory way imaginable.

It's next level.


    Nice job with the warning - the front-page picture for the article shows a circular saw planted into some guy's face & now I have to convince my 7yr old it's just 'pretend'.

    NSFW pertains to more than just porn, Mr Serrels!

    That was great but expected mum to crush his head with those giant boobs.

    Not to be a stickler, but i don't think it is a good idea using that thumbnail on the main page

      Nah I agree. Didn't realise that was image they chose. Replaced.

      More stickler would be pointing out their typo. Finsih him!

    Really think that image is right for the front page?

      This video is a masterpiece , get a life and enjoy true art!


    You are a stickler. Stop being PC and oversensitive. We have too much of that as it is.

      No seriously, I will watch this when I get home and piss myself laughing, but I browse this site at work. The saw was a little over the top (but classic RackaRacka haha).

      Unfortunately, unlike you, i do not enjoy seeing someones face torn apart by a circular saw (real or not) when scrolling down the main page of a website i like to visit. I then thought that maybe Mark had not realised this image was being used on the mainpage.

    These guys have some pretty good nerd / extreme videos that are worth checking out

    Imagine how much fun they had making that.

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