Iron Maiden Made A Video-game-themed Music Video, And It's Surprisingly Not Horrible!

Iron Maiden made a video-game-themed music video, and it's surprisingly not horrible! I'm a big fan of the band's older stuff, but I haven't kept up with their more recent material. This video — littered with clever throwbacks for gamers and Maiden fans alike — has me convinced that I should rectify that mistake.


    I'd play all those games. Maiden were my intro to metal back in 1987 (Thank you, Powerslave!) and I'm still going. Loved the references to the classic covers. Up the Irons!

    Maiden and video games. What's not to like! Good video, Eddie is one of the family.

    But can you name all the songs that are referenced in the clip as video games?

    Eddie confirmed OP, will get nerfed in the next patch

    this pleases me very much

    Why the negative title? Established band with a large following and a long discography.

      Not to mention they have been consistently brilliant for decades and hence have several generations of followers. It is a very cynical title, oh well.

    That was like watching one big celebration of videogames plus one big celebration of Iron Maiden :) Two of my all time favorite things :) Brought a tear to my eye :)

    Pretty awesome song too!

      Man, I cannot wait for the album. Awww yeah!

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