Is This Track, By Yoko Shimomura, The Best Video Game Boss Music Of All Time?

Is this track, by Yoko Shimomura, the best video game boss music of all time? Discuss.


    Ew, no. Really?

      One of my personal faves:

        And this is an absolute classic:

          Traditional boss fights

          Not technically bosses but encounters that show in a boss-like capacity

          All with, in my opionion, better music that M&L DT

          I'm personally a fan of:

          And we also can't forget the absolute pinnacle of boss fight music.

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    Megaman X5, X vs Zero

    The music is soo awesome that it really doesn't make sense, cause it's a jump-and-shoot-man game.

    God damnit, I had a huge list with links typed up and now it's gone for some reason. Sigh.

    Well, anyway, here's the finl boss theme from Sonic '06. Terrible game, but holy hedgehog, this track is sick.

      The site now has a wonderful thing that refreshes the page after it's idle for five minutes or more and wipes any in-progress comment you have. :(

        Are you absolutely serious right now. Like, seriously. Like, I'm not even using question marks, that's how deadpan my reaction is. What.

          Nope, it's absolutely what's happening and why your comment was eaten. There's some tampermonkey / greasemonkey scripts out there to turn it off.

    Everyone who didn't instantly think of The Great Mighty Poo is wrong.

    It wasn't the first in the list but at least it was in there, so you can get a pass @nexi :P

      I think JRPG has the monopoly on boss fight music. There are plenty of other genres that do boss fight music well enough but for sheer numbers of solid tracks Japan is where you look. It seems a shame that with such a huge focus on graphics that you notice music less and less in games these days, it seems games that eschew graphic fidelity in favour of other facets of gameplay often have a more memorable soundtrack.

        In general I feel like games that impose limitations end up doing better at things. So if they're limited by being only able to use tones coming out of a sound chip, they end up being creative to work within that limit and make something interesting and memorable. While if they just go and record an orchestra and play that back, it's less so.

        But that's just me and my continued hating on the Mario Galaxy soundtracks :P

    It's certainly one of the best I've heard. Actually, it might be THE best I've heard.
    It is at the same time fun and climactic without following the usual tropes of "epic" (usually a lot of orchestrated synths) or techno/rock.
    Not that the other examples posted here aren't good, but they don't sound very different from other 'good' boss-battle music.

    This manages to sound really unique though it has a strong Mario feel to it.
    It encourages a strong fight without taking itself too seriously.
    It has multiple layers to pick up on and it takes a lot of interesting turns that give it room to dial back before escalating back up.
    It made me want to play the game.

    I kind of love it.

    Nah. Personally, I love this:

    OH and this!

    And lastly:

    Yes, all from FFXIV.

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    Gunpoint's final level has a boss, that counts right? Gunpoint is bloody incredible and it's soundtrack is sublime.
    MGS3's The Sorrow had some great music to a very unusual boss fight, pretty low key, but really good.
    Also from MGS3, but a much more traditional type of theme for a much more traditional boss fight. Also really good.
    Hotline Miami is kinda obligatory in conversations about soundtracks, but there's a good reason for that.
    FTL has consistently great music as well.

    The Sunset Park Zone boss music from Sonic Triple Trouble on Game Gear.
    I can't access youtube at work so your going to have to search for it :D I'll just leave this here since we're never going to get Trails in the Sky 3rd in English and no one will ever hear it :(

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