JB Hi-Fi Stores Throughout Australia Are Sticking It To Konami

Ah JB, you truly are the cheeky little schoolboy of Australian retail. First it was your incredible in-store reviews, now it's stores, throughout Australia taking sly potshots at Konami decision to remove Hideo Kojima's name from the cover of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Thanks for the reminder JB. Just in case everyone has forgotten — Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is indeed a Hideo Kojima game.

For the uninitiated: Kojima's name is usually plastered all over Metal Gear Solid promotional material but this time, in the midst of a split with Kojima productions, Konami has been removing his name. Some fans are a little upset about this.

Including, it seems, a JB Hi-Fi employee who let rip with a subtle jab at Konami.

Kojima himself retweeted this original post and it has taken on a life of its own.

This particular photo was taken at the JB Hi-Fi in Sydney but it's merely one of many. JB Hi-Fi stores throughout Australia are taking up the cause.

Have you seen any others in the wild? Shoot us an email.


    Does JB Hi Fi teach one person in each store to write in that font or something?

      No, it's actually an itinerant artist who travels from store to store with his easel and palette.

        A lone wanderer known only as "jb"

        sometimes the signs appear overnight, as if by magic

          As he sets down his brush, a voice on the wind whispers, "you've done it again"

            Some say that one day, JB will reveal himself to the world, and it'll be an artist we recognise. Until that day, they work in secret

              Theres a desk in my store that is covered in art supplies, ive never seen anyone use it and its covered in cobwebs and dust, but if you leave your sign there with a piece of cheesecake the next day your signs done.

                I just read all of these in a really over-the-top David Hayter voice.

              C'mon, everyone knows its Banksy

        That is the funniest thing you have ever said dude. :)

        I wonder if he's friend's with the guy who goes from EB store to EB store assaulting them with red SALE stickers

      I've often wondered this myself, they seem to be pretty consistent between stores.

      There is a guide sort of thing on how to write each letter on the company intranet.

        This is true. Someone shows you and teaches you how to use the special ink pots and then it becomes second nature. During my tenure, I got SO GOOD at making Guitar Hero signs in their font. I could probably still do it today.

      I thought they are just stencilled on.

      There also seems to be at least one person per store who can draw pretty damn well too.

        I work at Liverpool JB. While I'm not the 'official' sign writer there, I do all the artwork in the games section. Here's my site http://www.coreywyerart.com most of the JB work is in the 'pop culture' and sign writing galleries. :)

      I heard Hideo Kojima is on vacation in Australia, so maybe it's him doing this?

    You know what would really stick it to Konami? Breaking the street date and selling it early.

      You stole my thunder - exactly this! Exactly what other Konami games would they be worried about missing out on? Just break the date JB - do it for Kojima!

    Barely contained a coffee spray. JB is freaking great hahaha.

    THE HYPE IS GO... Damn, i as with everyone else cannot wait for this game, Ground Zeros was my first MGS game, picked it up cheap in the last sales and i liked it, it even had a powerpoint preso about the story.

    It sucks that there is no preload on steam.

    I stuck it to konami by cancelling my pre order the moment i found out micro transactions where involved.

    Dont believe what anyone says there will be someway these impact the game regardless of how little and this shit just isnt on in a full price retail game

      It's not compulsory, it's comparable to unlocking weapons/cars early in an EA game. A 'timesaver' DLC.

    This game will be $69 at Target starting Sep 1st. Sorry JB!

      JB price match.. would rather give my dollars to a store that does this then a store that bans games (GTA5) due to overreaction from misinformed minorities.

        True Enough and yes I can confirm target is $69 so there's your price match (catalog came this arvo)

        If these tards hadn't pulled GTAV from stores then there's a good chance you'd be able to buy that game for a decent price by now instead it's the most ludicrously overpriced game on shelves right now

          $79 for a game that's the size and quality of GTA V is hardly ludicrously overpriced.

            Whilst I agree GTAV is a fantastic and massive game, it's also 2 years old (from initial release) and coming up to a year old on the current gen consoles as a re-release.. so $79 at this point in time is a little high yes given that a lot of new releases are at that price (or less).

      JB HI FI match prices my friend, as long as you can show its being sold at that price JB will match :)

    $89? Pfft.

    Target will be selling it for $69, or so my friend told me. He's usually on the ball with these things.

      JB HI FI match prices my friend, lowest price guaranteed :D

        Nearest JB for me is 200Km away. 3 hour drive. So I don't have much choice. And I refuse to shop at EB thanks to the article published on here not long ago

    I work at JB and yes there is a specific way to write JB signs which is why most stores have similar signs. Certain numbers and letters are written a specific way.

    Deleted - was suppose to be a reply.

    Last edited 26/08/15 11:32 am

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