Konami Is Pulling 31 Mobile Gaming Apps In Japan

Konami Is Pulling 31 Mobile Gaming Apps in Japan

Today, health club company Konami announced that it will be removing 31 iOS gaming apps on September 10.

According to Inside Games (via Dr Serkan Toto's blog), the apps will not be updated to support iOS 9 or later. Some of the apps have English versions, such as Metal Gear Solid Touch (above), but Konami did not make any announcements regarding those.

In the gaming business, Konami is making the most money from its free-to-play games, such as World Soccer Collection S. These apps, it seems, are not free-to-play games.

Here is the full list (again, via Dr Serkan Toto's blog):

  • DanceDanceRevolution S (JP)

  • DanceDanceRevolution S+(JP)

  • Field Prowlers POLICE RUSH! (JP)

  • FroggerPad(JP)


  • SILENT HILL The Escape (JP)


  • Uhi Uhi Cannonball

  • Elemental Monster TD

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe

  • Charlene's Beachside Solitaire

  • Table Game Selection

  • Knights Of The Phantom Castle

  • Tomena Sanner -TOUCH

  • Neosamegame

  • Hyper Sports Winter

  • Hyper Sports (Track-And-Field)

  • Bomberman TOUCH -The Legend of Mystic Bomb-

  • Bomberman Chains

  • Bomberman Dojo

  • LovePlus iM

  • LovePlus iN

  • LovePlus iR

  • Hanafudakyou

  • Kyoufu No Hyakumonogatari

  • Grappling Action — Moon Dancer

  • World RPS Janken

  • Chikuwa Ninja

  • Mahjong Police

  • Haunted Pics

  • Shooting Watch

Picture: Konami


    "health club konami"? Relax it's slightly offensive. Sorry for the tone.
    EDIT: Lol is kotaku looking to attract attention from konami for journalistic publicity?
    SECOND EDIT: Or is it personally motivated? I trust you to be honest. Which is foolish.

    Last edited 27/08/15 6:26 am

    Come on Nintendo, please open your Checkbook and buy all Konomi's gaming IP

      That would be awesome for so many reasons - but imagine the screams of MGS fans at having to buy a Nintendo system!

        The thought makes me giggle with schadenfreudian delight :P

        First though I'd like the to just buy up Capcom. Then they can go and rescue Castlevania, Contra and the like.

    I don't understand the health club comment? Halp!

      They're so incompetent they don't even qualify as a fucking game company any more.

        Incompetent? how so?
        EDIT: I mean, consider japans economy.

        Last edited 27/08/15 9:55 pm

      There's been a lot of articles about Konami on Kotaku lately, and they all start with things like "renowned pachinko manufacturer Konami" or "well-known spa company Konami" and this is just extending on that joke (probably too far)
      It's in reference to the fact that Konami recently shifted their priorities away from big video games and onto smaller mobile games, gambling machines and other such things Kotaku people don't care about

      Konami run a large chain of Health clubs in Japan in addition to their Pachinko business.

    Accurate description of Konami is Accurate.

    It's either that or "Yakuza Front".

    Konami seem to be calling it quits on gaming in general and smooshing all their eggs into the coin slots of pachinko machines.

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