League Of Legends Pro Has The Best Victory Dances

League Of Legends Pro Has The Best Victory Dances

The League of Legends pro Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin wrecked another player during one of his recent live-streaming sessions. That's not really anything remarkable to see, coming from a pro of Piglet's stature. What is hilarious and awesome about the play is his little victory dance after he's finished wrecking.

Watch this video a YouTuber captured from Piglet's stream, and you'll see why it landed on the front page of League's 700,000 subscriber-strong subreddit today:

(Pro tip, focus on the box on the top-right of the screen that actually shows Piglet)

He did something similar a little while back, after two fools tried to gank him at the start of a match:

He's actually been doing these funny little dances for a while:

So it's sort of his thing at this point. I just wish that there were more silly post-rekt victory dances in the League of Legends pro scene. Other than Piglet's, fans only really get stuff like...one pro putting his shoes on SUPER intensely after a match:

As with iRL sports like Football, some fans see these kinds of victory dances as a sign of disrespect for the opponent. I don't really agree. There are plenty of ways that Piglet could taunt people in-game if he wanted to just be a jerk — say, by walking up to the enemy's defensive turret and spamming his champion's dance animation. This is just a nice little way to humanize an impressive moment. League of Legends, and eSports more generally, could stand to have more of those.


    shameful in korean culture. not humble at all. with the inequality going on there, depressed university graduates he is just trying to get laid.

    What is love?!! Baby don't hurt me! don't hurt me! No more...

    jesus, the shit that passes as an article these days.

    The 'victory dances' we're pretty shit too.

    I'm starting to avoid particular writers now.

    That was meant as a reply to @ax

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