League Of Legends Pros Aren’t Happy About Riot’s Latest Lag Fix

League Of Legends Pros Aren’t Happy About Riot’s Latest Lag Fix

Late last week, Riot revealed plans to relocate the North American servers for its popular online multiplayer game League of Legends from Portland to Chicago. The plan is to centralize the location of the servers, and thereby reduce lag for the greatest number of players possible. What could be the problem, you ask?

The only issue with the promising lag fix, the issue that’s begun to percolate on the League of Legends internet, involves the game’s burgeoning professional scene. Right now, the majority of professional League of Legends teams are based out of somewhere or another in the West Coast.

There’s a good reason for this de facto migration of League of Legends eSports: being closer to the game’s servers means that you’ll suffer the least amount of lag — or have the small pings, in League-speak. And since high-stakes League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) games that are put on by Riot every year are decided by games played over local area networks (LAN), that means pros will now have to train on a quite possibly laggier version of League than the one they actually play on.

Many American League pros have been sounding off on Twitter over the past few days to express their concerns with Riot’s upcoming move:


  • Couldn’t they just add a new East Coast server instead of relocating the existing one?

    • They could, Valve have multiple server locations in the US for Dota.

      Of course though, League never copies Dota.

  • @cffndncr Not unless they want to spend a butt load of money. They manage their own data centre.

      • Yeah, when people say “Oceanic servers” we expect them to be damned Australian ones, not based in singapore and with ~150 ping (looking at you wargaming.net).

        • I know this is old, but what the hell are you talking about? There have been Oceanic (AUSTRALIAN) LoL servers since 2013. I get less than 20 ping.

  • For the purpose of competitive scrims, they could allow for player hosted games. solo queue would still be hindered (a word that is only partially accurate) by a change in latency.

    Chicago is less than the width of Australia away from where the servers currently are, anyone from Perth care to weigh in on how bad latency is in League of Legends? The internet infrastructure through the middle of the US is likely of a higher quality due to their actually being civilization in the middle of the country. Also you are looking at an increase in maybe 40-50ms, it is a difference sure, and one you will have to make minor adaptations to but be honest, it isn’t a game changer. Complaints about unplayable latency should kick in around a stable 200ms.

    • I don’t play league, but from my experiments ping from Perth to Sydney is around 50ms greater than a Perth to Perth ping.

      Realistically tho that kind of difference seems rather unlikely to be awfully noticeable in terms of actual human reaction time. Tho I’m happy to have someone educate me on that.

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