Legend Of Zelda Meets Hang 'Em High Is Surprisingly Dark

Yeah, this cool video really took a turn for the dark.

It takes your normal Legend of Zelda characters — Link, Zelda, Ganon — and places them in the Western tradition — standoffs, shoot-outs, beatdowns. It's really well made but it gets a little bit violent in parts, as I found to my detriment when I watched it with my two-year-old this morning.


Anyway, this is cool. Really liked it and enjoyed how the Western tropes were woven into the whole thing.


    Cool! Hang em high is a great movie. I think overall High Plains Drifter is the darkest western I've ever seen. I recommend it, though certainly not for everyone.

    Mini-Serrels won't be forgetting that hanging anytime soon...

    Worth watching just for the film title reveal at the end :)

    Painfully over acted.

    Loved all the nods to Once Upon a Time in the West, love that film.

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