Life Is Strange Becomes Life Is Awful In This Fan Parody

Life Is Strange Becomes Life Is Awful In This Fan Parody

Life is Strange is all about the choices you make. So why not make terrible choices?

Just before I quit my previous job, my team decided to have a semi-farewell lunch of sorts. We went to a local pub/restaurant/fancy place and since it was the middle of the day, people started ordering food. Burgers, steaks, steak sandwiches, pasta, that sort of thing.

I ordered a side of sweet potato fries. With a brownie. “Excellent life decisions,” it was declared.

Life is Strange, and all episodic adventures, do not allow you to make similarly excellent choices. But you can make lots of bad ones. So what happens when Max decides to live her life in a less than ideal manner?

That’s the theme behind this fan parody of Life is Strange in GTA 4 called, well, Life is Crappy. It’s set to the theme from Requiem for a Dream, a movie that’s also about making terrible choices. (And drugs.)

Max certainly has seen better days.

What are your favourite ways to ruin episodic adventures? I always liked going through The Wolf Among Us and just trying to eat, beat and be as mean to everyone as (in)humanly possible. That was Bigby’s calling card, after all.


  • Cannot be unseen… I don’t know why I watched the whole thing, it just kept getting worse and worse.

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