Mad Max Has One Of Those Fancy Interactive Trailers

Interactive video game trailers seem to be in fashion right now. Just Cause 3 had one a couple of weeks back, now Mad Max is getting on board.

For reference: interactive video game trailers are the type that let you select where the gameplay is going to go. Typically you choose from one of two or three options. Pretty cool idea and a neat way to show off the different ways you can approach gameplay.

I really love that this is the first choice:

Okay, here's your choice. You can wreck shit this way, that way, or THIS way.

So yeah, it's not one of those 'play stealthily or play chaotically' type of choices. More of a 'CHOOSE WHICH WAY YOU'RE GONNA DESTROY EVERYTHING' video game.

Which is fine. But yeah.

I've complained about this game looking a little generic, but the more I see the more I'm convinced this is going to be a lot of fun.


    JB has an in-store deal where if you pre-order Mad Max the game, and pay an extra $10, you can get the Fury Road Blu Ray as well. Comes to a total of $99, which is okay if you were planning to get them both anyway.

    I'm on the fence. Definitely getting the BR, but haven't decided whether this is a grab-on-launch game or not. It looks like a tonne of fun, though!

    Edit: sorry, bundle price is $99, not $89. Sorry!

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      EB's 'post-apocalypse edition' for $99.95 is that bundle plus a steelbook cover, mini novelty license plate and a collector's box it all comes in... Just for anyone that cares for extras for the sake of extras.

        Yeah, I just realised that. Thanks!

        When they first announced that edition, it was $130. It's come down quite a bit :)

    I'm going to grab the game and movie deal.

    Is this just a driving game?

    I want Rage 2

      Nope, from what I've seen it's roughly a 40/40/20 split between vehicular combat ,Arkham Asylum hand to hand combat, and open world exploration.

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