Make Your Own Fallout Pip Boy With These Specs And A 3D Printer

Make Your Own Fallout Pip Boy With These Specs and a 3D Printer

Bethesda might have sold out of Pip Boy editions of Fallout 4, never to make any again, but thanks to one enterprising fan, it's still possible to get one of your own. You just need a 3D printer.

Engineer Yvo de Haas used his know-how and 3D printing capabilities to whip up his own interpretation of Pip Boy 3000 Mark IV based on Bethesda's recently released teaser trailer. As Eurogamer spotted, he also was cool enough to post the schematics online so anyone can create one.

Like Bethesda's version, it works with a smartphone slipped inside. Then you can put it on and use Bethesda's official Pip Boy app to interact with Fallout 4 from your wrist-mounted computer.

Here's a video of Mark IV in action. It even has a pop-open tape deck in the top and LED lights to add a little flare. Haas is still refining the design, too, so if the specs for the phone you want aren't on the list, keep an eye out in the future.


    I reckon the OFFICIAL one that came with the Fallout 3 CE Edition was shit. The OFFICAL Fallout 4 one looks like it'll be shit too.
    Some of the fan made ones look awesome

    Last edited 02/08/15 7:25 pm

      I reckon FO4 pipboy is better and more dynamic than from previous games.

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