Man Turns Wedding Proposal Into Actual Borderlands Quest

Man Turns Wedding Proposal Into Actual Borderlands Quest

I’ve seen a handful of video-game-themed marriage proposals in my day, but this one takes the cake.

A website designer by the name of Noah Yamen recently posted about his Borderlands-themed marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Tia. He explained that playing the co-op shooter RPG is one of their favourite things to do together. “Playing this game together has been one of those things that’s brought us even closer… it’s just become ‘our thing,’” he wrote.

When Yamen decided he wanted to propose, a Borderlands theme made perfect sense. But Yamen clearly isn’t the kind to rest on his laurels. He could’ve simply taken his girlfriend’s hand, tenderly stroked her cheek, and then bellowed, “CATCH A RIIIIIIIIIDE” in her face, but he decided to go the extra mile. He created an entire real-life Borderlands game.

The game had three central components, all of which Yamen made himself: an echo device-themed iPhone case and mission app (with XP and level-ups), a tiny loot chest for the engagement ring, and a replica shield generator. His explanation for the last one will probably melt your heart, so grab a mop before reading it:

“Each character and most enemies [in Borderlands] have whats called a Shield Generator. It’s a device that is attached to your person that gives you extra protection from damage. In one of the missions, I wanted to give her a Shield Generator, but with a personal twist to it. Each Shield has a brand with specific details as to how it works. So I 3D modelled a Shield Generator and had it 3D printed as well. I hooked up LED lights and switches to it, and painted it according to her favourite types of shields in the game. And in the mission, added details to it: ‘N.O.A.H. Shield: Never leave home without it! For all the trials you’ll face, you’ll be glad you had a N.O.A.H. Shield. It will always protect you from harm, and shield you from all that nasty pain you don’t want. Best part is you can take the N.O.A.H. Shield with you ANYWHERE!’”

Man. That’s just really great.

Here’s a video of it:

Then came the missions — eight of them, to be exact. Each one was accompanied by voice-overs from Borderlands characters like Claptrap, Scooter, and Tiny Tina, and they resulted in a surprise three-day trip to Chicago. After the couple got to their hotel (the corresponding mission called it “New Haven,” a Borderlands location reference), it was time for the final mission:

Seal The Deal: This was the final step; She listened to the voiceover from the game that aligned perfectly with this mission (Clap-Trap singing ‘Did you know my head is at your crotch level? I’m trying not to think about it…’) while reading the description of the mission (‘Will you marry me? You can always count on me. Through thick and thin, I will always be there. Everything from taking care of you to sharing special memories like this one.’). Thats when I got down on one knee and opened up the Loot Crate to reveal the ring. After I asked her to marry me, she had to choose either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button on the mission to turn it in which completed the game. And it showed the completion of levelling up and the reward obviously being the ring.”

Man Turns Wedding Proposal Into Actual Borderlands Quest

She said yes. If karma is real, somehow, somewhere, fireworks went off and a crowd went wild. So that’s twice now that Borderlands has helped people get married — albeit in extremely different ways. I suppose it’s like they say: the couple that shoots together loots forever. OK, nobody says that, but they should start.

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