This Mass Effect Krogan Cake Looks So Good You Won't Want To Eat It

Some people have so much talent it hurts. And as someone with a sweet tooth, I'm completely in awe of the genius behind this Mass Effect cake.

It's so good that, at first glance, you might not realise it's the classic birthday ornament. It doesn't look quite as spectacular from behind, but maybe that's a good thing; after all, you can't stare at it forever. Somebody's gotta eat all that flour, eggs and sugar eventually.

Andrew, who emailed in these fine photos, says underneath this spectacular Krogan specimen is a raspberry and chocolate mud cake. The face is made out of white chocolate and marshmallow fondant or as my colleague described it, a "heart attack cake".

A heavenly heart attack, if you ask me. Truly astonishing.

"Grunt never tasted so good," Andrew added. I bet. As someone who likes to dabble in some very rudimentary baking, this is several degrees of awesome. What's your favourite cross-over between gaming and sweets?


    Is this Battletoads?

      Wonder if that inspired the design of the Krogans.

      You're going to make an excellent old man one day.

        I think that ship has already sailed :P

        Oh man can you imagine a retirement home full of old guys spouting ancient internet memes at each other?

          "In my day it was all lolcats and badgers... you kids don't know how lucky you are!"

          Why wait, just go to your favorite online forum and there you go, instant meme-fest. Alternately, if you're feeling extra masochistic, hang out in Twitch chat for a while.

    So very, very interesting

    Last edited 11/08/15 10:57 pm

    Wow, that's a fantastic piece of work. I don't think I could bring myself to cut into it :(.

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