Mass Effect Makes For A Cool Custom Motorcycle


    Beautiful job, though the Normandy deserves several hundred more CC than a 125!

      He might be on his car license. In south korea you can ride any bike <= 125cc on your regular license. Higher than that requires further tests, so it's a popular bike size.

      Not wrong though, could definitely go for about 500+ :P

      Last edited 21/08/15 11:10 pm

        Interesting, didn't know that! I still maintain my previous statement, a 125 is painfully slow to ride and the Normandy is the fastest ship in the galaxy ;)

          I second the notion :P the Australian version would be a case of 'go hard or go home' :P

    Tbh it has way too many decals. Take a few off for a more simple and cleaner look.

    You have to make sure that when you split the word "Mass" over two panels, that you split it at the correct place.

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