Mech Shooter Heavy Gear Assault Hits 'Early Access'

Heavy Gear will always hold a special place in my heart, if only because it features humans in mechanised suits blowing the crap out of each other. I wasn't aware a new game based on Dream Pod 9's franchise was in the works, even though it's apparently been around for a few years. Heck, it even just hit "Early Access".

It's not Steam Early Access mind you — developer Mektek Studios appears to have chosen the phrase to describe the game's shift from being hidden behind NDAs, to giving alpha and beta players the freedom to share screenshots and videos of the game.

The website and video make it clear the game is focused on the e-sports crowd, which is disappointing, but not unsurprising. Even with the predominately multiplayer design, a singleplayer campaign is also on the cards and will draw on "famous battles in Heavy Gear history".

There's quite a bit of detail on the official website regarding content for this, which gives me hope, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it. It does mention it'll be episodic, which I guess is a good way to gauge interest in the offline component and decide how much effort to spend on it in the future.

If you want to check it out, you'll have to go through the website's store, with the cheapest tier being $US39.95.

Heavy Gear Assault [Official site]


    Awesome, I can't wait to overweigh my heavy gear with missle launchers, fire everything I've got, get lost in explosions and smoke, whilst blasting Long Tall Sally at the neighbourhood.

    Man... I used to spend so much time on the MekTek forums. I wasted stupid amounts of my youth in their spam section. Then they transitioned to doing the Heavy Gear stuff, and they shut all of those forums down.
    There was just so much confusion and disappointment from the community.
    Like, we all thought they were going to get the Battletech licence, and then they announced that they were doing Heavy Gear... and proceeded to get rid of a large chunk of the community.
    We found out later that Piranha games had issued them with Cease And Desist notices about their Battletech/Mechwarrior stuff... then they went completely dark.

    They had that awful looking showing for Heavy Gear at E3, where they demoed one arena style indoor level a few years ago.

      The guys behind Shadowrun Returns, Harebrained Schemes, thankfully are doing a new Battletech game. Doubtful it'll be a first person shootemup. I'm expecting something truer to the tabletop game which I adored as a kid. Unfortunately MWO really soured the franchise for me. Heavygear was always a personal favorite, can't think of how many hours I sunk into 2 back in 1999... but man talk about taking me back with the MekTek forums lol!

      I believe that was a proof of concept showing years ago on Unreal Engine 4 at it's earliest state of development so UE4 was utter garbage at that point. Since then they've been working hard and they've had many a speed bump that's upset things but they keep on swinging and fighting for every inch they can. After the stuff with PGI and how MekTek got screwed over on the Free release and threatened legal action I think shedding the old forums was a good idea. Especially when they were transitioning from Mod team to Dev company and from Mechwarrior to Heavy Gear. A fresh start and new beginning. Unfortunately they have nothing but an uphill battle dealing with the fallout from MWO and Hawken with people who spread lies and disinformation about HGA based on what they've had with MWO and Hawken. It's angers me to no end when that happens. They've been a great Dev team working very hard to get HGA made and I respect that so much after dealing with companies that treat their customers like castaways.

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    Alot of things happened in 2011. My house burned down, and MP4, while ready, couldn't happen. Then a year later i had a stroke and Pirahna put the screws to us. It ended. Mektek worked hard to get the HG permission to develope a new game.

    The arena is the just tip of the iceberg. You will not be disappointed.

      I've been enjoying all the hard work MekTek has put in since the Alpha started! I'm certainly not disappointed and eager for more, more, more!

    the irritating thing is when i read "early access" i immediately think "oh ill check it out on steam" to discover its not there.

    wish non stream games would just go back to saying open/closed beta

    minor irritation but it annoys me

      Yeah kinda like when people join an alpha and because of other games misusing the alpha tag expect it to be more like some special VIP access to an almost completed game. MekTek wanted to break away from the Alpha/Beta tags and the stigma that's been developing over them. I can't blame them for it after dealing with people who don't understand the tags true meanings in the world of game development. I get where you're coming from though.

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