Meet The Latest Amiibo: Shovel Knight.

Meet the latest Amiibo: Shovel Knight. An indie game character! Nice move, Nintendo.


    Getting it! Don't collect amiibo and don't really play my Wii U, but this is awesome and I want to add it to my collection of little toys/statues!

    Edit: Did I get duped?

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      Plunkett is doing his usual top notch journalism..

      Its expected to be announced over the weekend but no confirmation on its uses yet. Its been leaked from a UK retail listing.

    Wow... if that's for real? I'm not buying it out of principle.


    Buy the Amiibo to unlock CO-OP mode??? Are you shitting me?

    I get the whole extra clothing thing, fair enough, but levels and Co-op mode, that's disgraceful. Not a chance of buying this. Glad we stopped with Amiibos. What a f***ing con.

      Not convinced it's real.

        It's being advertised on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, so... yeah. Pretty sure it's real.

        Checked the companies FB page, their twitter and Youtube.... seems real? Hopefully not. If so. disgusting. Goes against the Indie appeal Shovel Knight was promoting.

      I don't see what the problem is. The game is complete. You can buy the complete game right now. This is just a bonus. Besides which, what's the difference between paying $15 to get extra stuff in DLC, or paying $15 and getting extra stuff and an awesome figurine?

        With the amiibo, you can essentialy share the DLC code with your friends, unlocking it on their systems and getting far more value for your $15?

        >.> <.

        I think the biggest issue is that Nintendo have never really locked "content" behind the Amiibo wall (a few bits and pieces in Splatoon but none of it is "must have!"). Where as the new co-op mode requires the Amiibo to even access it.

        Lot of people will blame Nintendo for this one, but sadly it all comes down to the Devs. I'm buying it - not just for the extra content but because I'm a collector and I'm hoping for some cool Shovel Knight skins or items on Smash/Kart.

        I must say - I also agree with you on the what the issue with paying $15 for DLC or for an item. I cant see the problem with it, id rather have a physical item that unlocks the stuff! Collectible + DLC is a good combo.

        The issue in this case appears to be the perceived locking of the co-op mode. Shovel Knight was made with no co-op, which was and is fine. Some people may feel that adding co-op via paid DLC is ridiculous since it doesn't feel like a new experience. Personally I agree that paid co-op is completely wrong. It's an expectation that if multiplayer is available in a game that it's available immediately. I don't have to finish the Halo campaign to unlock multiplayer. I didn't have to finish Classic mode with all characters in Smash to play with friends and I didn't have to pay $15 to play Modern Warfare with my buddy on the couch next to me.
        Local multiplayer is something that is expected to be on the disc and available immediately because games can be played with friends quite easily. I am aware that Shovel Knight is a complete game "on disc" and that this is extra content. I disagree that multiplayer should be locked behind any kind of paywall. This is a dangerous precedent to be setting and one that I won't be participating in. I don't want the future to be paying for multiplayer in all games

        If Shovel Knight comes to Smash, I may have to reconsider or leave my collection incomplete. Let's just hope he gets a Smash base as well

    Sweet! Wooly Yoshi Shovel Knight costume :)

      Ohhhh never thought of that! Maybe he could have a little woollen shovel too!

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