Metal Gear Solid V Is Already Redefining Stealth Games

Video: Hideo Kojima is a genius. Also: that farting sound is disgusting and hilarious.


    As silly as it is, I can't wait to try out the various possibilities of horse crap.

    I can't wait to Fulton the crap out of everything.

      "the crap out of everything"

      Boy I hope we can fulton that horses poop.

    I wonder if the horse can shit on enemy soldiers? Can Snake be shat on? Can Snake step or crawl on horse shit and use the foul odour to put enemies off? I can't wait to try out these and many other possibilities.

    Wasn't this clip taken wholesale from that 15 or 35 minute video of MGSV gameplay - one of the first videos, from many many months ago?

      Kojima released it as a separate video over the w'end

    Would at least be better than a clip from a video posted months ago

    I love how there's all this realistic stuff then it's broken up by pure ridiculousness :)

    This lack of realism really turns me off MGS V
    When you can use a lump of horse crap in the middle of the road to somehow skid out a 4wd, somehow knocking out the car's inhabitants, who whilst too unconscious to even notice snake running up to them in plain sight are conscious enough to scream as their car is magically ballooned off into the ether,
    It's no longer a good stealth game. Sure, might still be fun but a good stealth game it is not.

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