Metal Gear Solid Weddings Are Both Romantic And Sneaky

Metal Gear Solid Weddings Are Both Romantic and Sneaky

If you are looking for a special theme for your wedding, how about Metal Gear Solid cardboard boxes like in this PlayStation ad?

In this spot for The Phantom Pain, the bride thanks her father and Metal Gear Solid for the various things she's learned over the past 28 years, such has never giving up no matter the circumstances, having a fun sense of humour and being kind.

"But," the bride says, "there's one thing I haven't yet learnt: Metal Gear Solid's greatest mystery."

Her father then pops out of the box, hands her a PlayStation 4 controller, and tells her to solve that mystery with her husband. At the end, the waiter goes, "The heck is this?"

Metal Gear Solid Weddings Are Both Romantic and Sneaky

This is my favourite part.


    I don't know how to feel about nerd weddings...

    On one hand, a nerd wedding looks like a lot of fun, and if you and your significant other enjoy mixing your commitment of each other with your commitment of your hobbies, then that's fantastic. You only get to (want to) be married once in your life, so make it memorable, make it personal, make it treasurable.

    But on the other hand, it's odd to break a long tradition such as a marriage ceremony by adding an ostentatious theme of any kind. Closed-minded folk would forever think that the wedding day was ruined because of it.

      But on the other hand, it's odd to break a long tradition such as a marriage ceremony

      Yeah, wasn't that the usual excuse for homosexuals?

      I've gotta say I've been to quite a few weddings of friends and family now, and really I like to see all the variation I can get rather than the same things over and over again. I've got a friend who I went to primary and high school with (oh so long ago :P) and she has always been very gothy, so I was looking forward to seeing it changed up a bit and made a bit more interesting... Unfortunately it was still very much similar to all the other weddings I'd been to. I mean she even wore a mostly white dress, which is possibly the first time I've ever seen her wear white in my entire life knowing her! I mean it did incorporate a decent bit of black and red as well, and she was wearing massive New Rocks boots under it, but the whole thing was still a fairly standard affair.

      I've had the discussions with partners, and I know I'm a bit of a weirdo who enjoys the company of other weirdos, but they've all been keen to go a decent bit different just like me. Over your lifetime you'll probably end up at a bunch of weddings, so it seems to me it's nice to add a bit more flavour relevant to those who are gettin' hitched. Especially considering weddings are often costly endeavors even when people are being a bit frugal. I know to some extent you shouldn't go too crazy since they're also usually parties for a rather large group of people from all sorts of different age ranges, but also it's usually that couple who are paying for you all to come and party with them. I say let 'em have some fun with it, enjoy the uniqueness, and if it all seems really silly then just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all! In all likelyhood you're getting a free night out of food and drink :P

      Since we're on the topic I actually went to a bit of a celebration party for some friends who had a very non-traditional wedding recently. I gave them congratulations for what I called their "hipster wedding," and I don't mean that in any negative way (it just makes me laugh to put it that way, heheh). Anyway, I think what they did was sweet and interesting and I can appreciate that it's kind of down to earth while being quirky. So what did they do? They got married on a public train...

      Sure, you can see that since they got on the news everyone is having their say, and there seems to be plenty of naysayers in the comments, but who cares? The wedding isn't for any of them, their opinions are meaningless compared to said couple's happiness and satisfaction, and from what I've seen they loved it. Plus, their honeymoon is gonna be a massive overseas trip, so they've really saved some cash for the best part of the whole thing, an adventure to begin their newly-wed life.

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