More Pics Of JB Hi-Fi Sticking It To Konami

After highlighting a nationwide JB Hi-Fi campaign of support for Hideo Kojima in his tussle with Konami, we realised this was just the tip of an almighty iceberg. What was initially just a tweet, retweeted by Kojima himself, has transformed into a movement.

People have been sending us more pics. It seems as though Hideo Kojima is a popular guy with JB Hi-Fi staff.

For context: Konami has been knee deep in controversy lately, reports of terrible working conditions, removing P.T. from the PSN store, cancelling Silent Hills. One point of note is the removal of Hideo Kojima's name from all Metal Gear Solid V marketing. As most Metal Gear Solid fans are aware, this is a strange one. Every Metal Gear Solid game in the past has been marketed as 'a Hideo Kojima game' — partly as a homage to cinema, partly because Kojima's name has marketing value.

Regardless, as part of Kojima and Konami's spat, the name is gone. JB Hi-Fi appears to be siding with Kojima in this power struggle. You can click here to see yesterday's photos, but we've uncovered a few more in the meantime.

Thanks to everyone who got in contact. If you have any more kindly send them this way!


    They misspelt video. Game is $69 at Target but you have to perform an 88 to get it.

      They misspelt video


      Last edited 26/08/15 10:29 am

        your picture doesn't work :P
        btw, no im not dumb, i totally get it ;)

      It's a reference to MGS 2 where the game displays that exact message in a way to discourage you from continuing.

        ...Which is actually a reference to MGS1 when Psycho Mantis "changes the channel" on your console psychicly. Again, to distract you.

          And it was one of those moments that is burned into my brain. Best break the 4th wall ever Kojima.

            That's a good one. My personal favourite was being told that Meryl's Codec code was on the back of the CD case. Awesome fourth wall breaking. I first thought there was a CD in the game I'd missed.

            Then realisation dawned, and true horror gripped me. Remember kiddies, this was in the dark days before ready access to internet. I'd borrowed the game from Video Ezy (a ancient form of borrowing media), which didn't give you the cover.

            Best trolling ever.

              i remeber being in the car with the game taking it to a friends house to show it to him and i was stuck at that point. Then at one point in the trip i was reading the back cover and i saw meryls codec code on the back. Was so shocked

              I ran into that exact same problem! I scoured everything in my inventory looking for a CD case, completely in denial that I was now stuck due to not having the game case or any access to the Internet.

          I still remember scrambling to change the channel even though my old TV didn't even have a a Video/A1 channel xD
          The guy at the game store was the one who told me the secret of swapping controls, I spent days trying to beat him lol

          Those were the days

            I knew my TV didn't have that and it actually took me a moment to register what it was actually trying to do. And the controller trick I learned from Col. Campbell, after failing many times he called me up and told me about it. Until then, I had actually managed to kick Mantis a few times, and thought that was how to beat him. The controller thing was the best break the 4th wall thing ever, despite @arkayn 's comment. Followed closely by reading your save games and moving controllers across the floor.

              I showed the controller thing to my mother and she was a little freaked by it lol.

              These days those sorts of thing aren't impressive, but back then it was amazing having those layers in the game.

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                I really like how when you fight the mantis character in MGS4, if you change the controller settings you get a call from Otacon asking if you thought that would really work.

                  I thought I was so clever doing that thinking he was reusing it for the fans then BAM, gotcha. Love Kojima!

      I dont care if its $10 at target, I will not shop there.

        Don't shop there... just price match them :P

      Why to not know the reference. Please leave the discussion.

    All the game demo units don't work, you might have to plug the controller into the other port...

    Now they can all run off and get Kojima tattoos!

      Nah, they'd just controversially get them removed afterwards.

    I still think they need life size kojima cut outs.
    I could use them once there finished with them.
    Imagine the possibilities. ...

      I would sneak down to Konami HQ with hundreds of them and stand them around so an army of Kojimas were there to watch them when they arrived the next day.

        "B-but i thought we removed him from history" - konami big wigs when they see a legion on kojima cut outs on HQ.

    I think this is a fantastic way to show support, fuck konami

      Remember this is a thing going around cause of Jim Stirling. It is #FucKonami

        People have been saying that since the shit started, Jimmy boy just jumped on board and started a hash tag.

          I've been saying fuck Konami for ages before any of this.

          Though usually it followed "fuck THQ", "fuck Capcom", "fuck Ubisoft"...

            You forgot EA.

              Nah, I never liked them to begin with. EA being EA is just business as usual, doesn't warrant a mention :P

              Fuck Activision, though.

          Jim has since YEARS ago, dug at Konami for that amateur press conference they ran and as a result got blacklisted by Konami when he was working at Destructiod. So no he didn't jump on board at the MGS thing at all.
          He has been at it with them from way back when.

    Of course JB connect their PS3 using the AV1 input instead of HDMI lol

      Also their "TV" is made of paper.

      Also, what the hell is an 88? Like, Heil Hitler?

    HAHAHA love that new one. No Hideo AV1, got it immediately!

    JB, you've done it again.

    Now watch as Konami refuse to ship the game to any retailer found doing this.

    Last time I purchased from JB Hi Fi....I was charged an extra I think 30 for the full edition of Far Cry.....with the season home and it was some limited edition? (no season pass, the difference in store was around 30 between the 2 editions) I mean.....I don't care that much, until I read articles like this where JB is 'sticking it to the man yo'.......'so I have a better perception of them as a retail chain yo'.

    Such bs.

      Lol upon double checking I remember why I was so livid.....I got an advertisement for the season pass. Hahahahaha.

        Btw I am an obsessed metal gear fan and yet have relatively (I guess, although I think most of the posturing is for social reasons) little problem with Konami. It's sad if true I agree. But I don't presume to know the motives of all entities involved. Especially considering Japans economy/Kojima may be tired of making metal gear?
        EDIT: I'm more upset re. Level 5

        Last edited 07/09/15 12:06 pm

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