New Korean Hair Trend Turns Bangs Into Hearts

New Korean Hair Trend Turns Bangs Into Hearts

South Korean youth have fallen in love with a new hairdo. It’s called 하트 앞머리 (hateu aapmuhri) and means, “heart-bangs hair”.

Koreans in their late teens and early twenties have been uploading photos of heart bangs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Picture: duswn1004

Can’t see the heart?

Picture: sy_iiii

Be sure to do the heart gesture with your fingers, too!

As tipster Sang notes, the trend is popular among some young women in Seoul’s fashionable Gangbuk District. And no, people are not wearing this hairstyle everyday. It’s more of a let’s-see-what-it’s-like kind of thing, because it’s cute and interesting. Folks are just trying it out, having fun with curling irons and hair spray.

Picture: juicehyun

Some women are only uploading photos of their heart bangs hairstyles, sticking to regular hairstyles otherwise, while others are actually venturing out in public with their romantic coifs — or at least, snapping a quick heart bangs pic while out and about.

[GIF: lovely_djrrr


Picture: sooa_c

Picture: sea_silver

Picture: koongmi

Picture: sky_ri9u

Picture: seo_ha0

Picture: yoonjeong_89

It’s not only women that are sporting the ‘do, but some hearty dudes, too.

Picture: hansorirori

Picture: j_hyedg

Picture: jeongtae_kim

The one below, perhaps, is my favourite.

Picture: leeyk92


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