New Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Takes To The Skies

New Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Takes To the Skies

Star Wars Battlefront will feature a new Fighter Squadron mode that will have Rebel starfighters duke it out with Imperial ships.

Previously, we saw five minutes of the game's multiplayer. That clip was focused more on the ground forces. This one isn't.

The mode supports up to twenty combat fighters and, I guess, features a bunch of quotes from previous Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Battlefront will be out this November on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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    God damit why does Fallout 4 have to come out at the same time as this?

      How is that even a competition?!?

      STAR WARS!!!!!!11one!!1

    Gotta say, game is looking pretty strong!


      i have no faith in this game to actually do well considering it's made by DICE / EA

    As someone who needs a new battlefield game, but is sick of battlefield, I'm super keen!

    This is so much better than space battles.

      What? Did you ever play space battles?!

      If they had taken the time to do BF2 space battles in this game it would of been epic. Fighters everywhere, bombers trying to take out shields and turrets, transports trying to drop boarding parties on the enemy ship.

      I loved being in boarding parties, trying to push through in to the engine room to set charges.

        Thing is is that they *didn't* have the time to do Space Battles. This game is more true to the 1st Battlefront than the second.

        I'd rather them also focus on Space Battles for the selling point of their second game - which I think is likely. I'm guessing that if anything we'll get a "Naval Strike"-esque DLC within the game's cycle which would be similar to Carrier Assault and/or Titan Mode.

    Is it just me, or does the graphics fidelity drop markedly when switched to the in cockpit view?

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