New XCOM 2 Trailer Shows How Base Management Will Work

Video: The latest XCOM 2 trailer gives a sense of how base management will work. Research and development, troop training and monitoring for attacks, all from your new mobile base on a repurposed alien ship, which I'm sure won't lead to any complications...


    Fallout 4 and this game both release in the same month.

    Unfortunately I don't see myself playing Xcom 2 till late december.

    11 minutes 52 seconds.. trailer?? :)

    I have been playing Enemy Within the last few days.. I love how easy it is to pick up and put down. Definitely will be getting XCOM 2 not long after launch.

    I love how the facilities are shown in a way that makes it seem like the base is working on things even when zoomed out etc I also love how much deeper the customisation has gone. It's what a sequel should be.. enhance everything, fix the broken bits but leave everything else as it is with new content.

    'Admiral Hackett - Out.'

    Still no word on accents for the soldiers... an unbelievable oversight from the, near perfect, first game.

    Very excited to play this one though.

      It's not in this video, but they already said there will be accents. XCOM already had different languages for soldiers that are selectable (i.e Russian), but this time around they are implementing stuff like British and Irish accents for English language, in addition to the usual foreign languages on soldiers if you want them.

      I could have sworn accents were confirmed in one of the first hands on videos IGN did with one of the developers... Could be wrong. At the very least I know I've seen a dev mention it because they were commenting on the vocal backlash about that very issue from the first game.

    Hot Damn! This looks better every time they show something new.
    I'm so torn between getting this or Fallout 4 first. I suffered the same thing when X-Com EU was released, but then it was Dishonored that was the other choice. I chose Dishonored and even though it's a fantastic game that I love, I remember slightly regretting my decision at the time.

    Ah, the dilemma of having TWO itches to scratch. Another Xcom game and the long awaited fallout 4....

    Only one shall be least till Xmas.

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