Next-Gen Booze: An Xbox Of Wine

Next-Gen Booze: An Xbox of Wine

Briefly: A guy's old Xbox 360 kicked the bucket and you'll never believe what happened next!

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    Anyone else have an irrational hate of the words "And you'll never believe what happened next!"?

      it's bad enough having all those posts unwillingly flooding my facebook - but on kotaku now as well?

      Yes, and in this case it's even sillier, because the title of the article gave away exactly what happened next.

        Plus there was a pretty clear picture of what he did too.

    At least they're making the use of theirs, my 360 is sitting below the TV gathering dust. The kids must think it's an antiquated DVD player...

    I signed it specifically to state that I hate those words "you'll never believe what happens next" all I want to say to the author is f&@k off and go to journalism school, you are a symptom of the disease of stupidity that is infecting journalism in the modern age, and I for one wish that you and every single one of your "you'll never believe what happens next" brethren would take a long walk of a short pier wearing cement galoshes

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      How about I fix this for you?

      A reddit user's Xbox 360 finally cashed in its chips, and went to where all good serving consoles go... From memory into glory!

      There is always a way to find a positive in hopeless situations, this reddit user has come up with a positive way to deal with the death of his Xbox 360.

      There is two options I wrote in less than a minute...

    Settle down mate, it's obviously a parody of that kind of nonsense. Journo standards are dire of course but find another genuine example to offload your angst on.

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