NVIDIA Is Giving Out Free Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Keys

If you've been intrigued by the return of the objective team-based shooters and wouldn't mind playing another, then perhaps you might want to give the Rainbow Six: Siege beta a try.

A post on OzBargain has noted that NVIDIA's GeForce Experience middleware is directing users to a link on the GPU manufacturer's website, where you can register and get a free beta code emailed through.

"There's actually no requirement you must own or use a NVIDIA graphics card," the post says. Once you've received the code, you can create or login with an existing uPlay account and redeem the code to reserve your spot in the Rainbow Six: Siege closed beta when it starts on September 24.

I might do this tonight. I rather enjoyed Insurgency when it came out early last year and the Rainbow Six: Vegas games were always fun to play at LANs, even if I'm not particularly fond of the series.

Are you looking forward to Ubisoft's latest shooter?


    Me and my mates grabbed em this morning :D Looking forward to giving it a whirl!

    Say what u got one from here any more ?

    For Xbox ?

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