Off Topic: Recommend A TV Show

So here's an idea. Let's recommend each other TV shows.

The rules: everyone's seen Game of Thrones, Daredevil, The Wire. Either we've seen it or we already know it's great. Let's try and recommend a few that get a little less love in general, or shows that are underrated!

My recommendations...

Deadwood Most people know about this, but I still feel like more people should be watching this.

The Jinx I recommended this when discussed documentaries, but this HBO series still haunts me to this day. It's must-watch stuff.

Nashville Terrible, soap opera style stuff that I watch with my wife. She loves it, and I've been dragged into the abyss.

Puffin Rock This is the absolute best children's show ever. Made by the people behind Song of the Sea.

I've got nothing else. What about you?


    I've been watching Sense8. It explores the concept of a small scale human hive mind. Written by the Wachowskis.

      I watched the first couple of episodes and really wanted to be doing something else the whole time. I was quite interested by the concept, but was really unimpressed. Does it get better?

        It definitely starts slow, but it fully ramps up around the 4th episode.

        Yes. Once they start becoming integrated in each other's lives it gets equal parts interesting and badass.

        The first 2 episodes are a bit of a slog, it gets better.

        no, i was like you and you wont enjoy it. i listened to the fans who told me to let it develop - and it does - but it if you're unimpressed now it wont change your mind. the show had so much potential but netflix really dropped the ball here.

    "Humans" drama about synthetic people living among us, British, started on abc2 last night (repeat tonight).

    It is a remake of a Swedish series called "Real Humans", which I have not seen but which is also supposed to be really good.

      Also has the girl who played Jen in the IT crowd, love her acting

    Fringe. Not exactly new, but I only sat down and watched the entire series a year or so ago, loved it. John Noble is brilliant, and I stopped looking at Joshua Jackson as just 'the Dawson's Creek guy' after. Highly recommended.

    EDIT: Also Penny Dreadful! Love it. Props to @labrys for reminding me.

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      I watched the first season when it came out. Loved it, but lost interest waiting for season 2. It's on US Netflix, so I should really jump back in!

        You should! Entire series is 100 episodes, so it's a bit to watch, but definitely worth it.

        It changes a bit over time, especially between one and two, but I think overall the changes were good/natural.

        Very minor spoiler you probably could have predicted:
        The only thing that annoyed me was that I really liked the way they didn't force a romantic relationship between them early on, but in the second season they went down that path. It didn't ruin the show and it didn't feel forced but I was really into the idea that they weren't in love with each other. On the plus side they did it well and actually explored the idea rather than spending three seasons stalling on their first kiss.

    Mad Dogs season 1 is good, season 2 not so much. But watch season one.

    Ballers or Battlebots (although Battlebots is now finished.)

      Is Ballers any good ? i've heard good things as per reviews but haven't actually talked to anyone htat's watched it

        yeah it is quite good, about halfway through the eps that have come out and am really enjoying it, but i have a soft spot for these types of sports shows.

    In the Flesh, an amazingly good BBC production where a selection of the dead come back to life and have to integrate back into their family and societal lives.
    Really low key and great stuff.

      +1 to this!
      Sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome trying to integrate back to a society where they may have killed someone's friend or relative in their 'untreated state'. The premise alone is fantastic.

    Black Mirror
    Garth Merenghi's Dark Place
    Nathan Barley

      If you like Dark Place check out Man to Man with Dean Learner. It's Dean Learner from Dark Place's late night talk show. Worth it just for the Bitch Killer trailer.

        Awesome! I will definitely check that out. I really enjoyed Dark Place.

    The Leftovers and Sense8.

    Also Mark if you like Connie Bitton in Nashville, check out her superior other show Friday Night Lights!

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    Garfunkel and Oates. Only 8 episodes, but still great.

      There's a show title which that's just ripe with possibilities! Where might one find this show?

        Lol, probably best bet is through the shady, criminal world of torrents...

    Rick and Morty.. .not for kids but epicly funny.
    Kill joys and Dark Matter, both are new and kinda lame... but i like that.

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      Rick and Morty makes my coffee come out my nose. I still can't decide if this or Archer is my fave animated show at the moment.

      + 1 for Rick and Morty. Never heard of the show until I saw their couch gag on the Simpsons, and immediatly watched the whole 1st season of it. but yeh, definitely not for kiddies

    It may have just gotten cancelled, but Hannibal is my favourite show on TV at the moment and well worth watching.

    Season 1 starts as what seems like a "serial killer of the week" style show, but once it establishes the characters it drops it and is just excellent.

    And probably the best looking TV show on at the moment.

      +1 for the prettiest show on TV right now. Sad it got cancelled. Need to catch up on about the last 3 episodes from this season, but I found S3 got a little too..... arty-farty for my tastes though. The first two seasons had a really nice balance between the abstract and everything else, but S3 felt like it went a bit too far with the whole imagery thing. But - I've only seen the first 4 (?) episodes of S3, so can't comment on recent eps.

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        Season 3 is essentially split in 2 parts. Episodes 1-7 dealing with the events of the end of season 2 and 8-13 focus on the Red Dragon storyline.

        The payoff for the slowburn of start of season 3 though is fucking outstanding.

          Yeah, need to get back on it! I blame Daredevil for being awesome and distracting me.

            Oh yeah, Daredevil was rad. I accidentally the whole season in a day.

              I've fought the urge to do that. Kind of been watching an episode or two a day. I feel guilty demolishing a season of anything in a day.

          Wanting to get into this show. Should I watch all the movies first? I've only seen Silence of the Lambs.

            That's probably the best scenario to be in.

            Season 1 and 2 are relatively standalone from the other films/novels. There are nods here and there (mostly seeing stuff mentioned in later books happen), but that's about it. Season 3 incorporates minor elements from Hannibal Rising, major plot points from Hannibal (replacing Clarice Starling with Will Graham) and the last few episodes from season 3 is Red Dragon.

    Grey's Anatomy I guess?

    Same with you an Nashville. My girlfriend loves it. It's actually ok to listen to in the background while I'm on the computer.

    Recently started X-Files again. Still holds up.

    Brooklyn Nine Nine is funny as hell as is community but I would take a bet that most people reading kotaku know about those 2. I would have to absolutely agree with Puffin Rock being great, but don't know about best ever, I've recently watched a Tom and Jerry episode and was laughing hysterically and I loved the fact that Tom and Jerry wasn't trying to teach me anything. I actually Hate that every cartoon of the last decade has a lesson to be learned theme. I will stop my rant here as it will spiral uncontrollably otherwise.

    In terms of what I watch regularly
    Full Metal Alchemist - Action Adventure with a bit of philosophy
    Sword art online - Action Adventure

    Marco Polo
    The 100 - (1 grudge I have against this show is that everything appears so intense but if you look at what's happening it isn't actually a tense situation)

    Older TV
    Heroes - Just season 1

      Out of curiosity, do I need to have seen the original Full Metal Alchemist series to watch Brotherhood? I've got an easy option to watch all of Brotherhood, but not so much for the original series.

        Na ... Just watch brotherhood. I haven't seen the original but brotherhood covers everything nicely.

    I am going to say it... True Detective Season 2.
    It is just so good.

      It's not doing it for me, sadly. I'm liking it okay, but it doesn't have the same impact as the first season. Though that shoot out in the street was amazing.

    I really love(d) "Psych", which doesn't often get a tonne of love. It was only briefly aired over here.

    I also just got done with "Farscape", which has always flown just under the radar. Pretty good for TV sci-fi.

    Arrow/Flash. First half of season 1 of Arrow is a bit of a slog but once you are past that, things really pick up.

    The Knick. Clive Owen is a surgeon in the early 1900s with a nasty cocaine habit. A show about the relentless march forward of technology.

    Entire series is directed by Steven Soderbergh. It's so good

      Sounds good, will investigate

    Mr Robot even though I have only seen the first one and a half episodes.
    Fantastically shot with a great music score.
    Main character seems really interesting and it is involves hacking without the typical over-the-top Hollywood hacking style.

    Also Penny Dreadful season two has been as great as season 1 so far.
    Really love it.

      Oh yes! Penny Dreadful. Can't believe I forgot that. Just finished watching the second season the other week. Fantastic show.

        My wife and I are just catching up with season 2 now since we watch it on Foxtel and they took ages to air season 2.
        Also my wife's been busy with new job and study,
        But now we get through an episode and check the time and see if we can sneak another one in before bed. :)
        So good!

      Hearing great things about Mr Robot and will wait until I can get all of season 1 in one hit.

        I believe it's a 10 ep season and they are up to ep 7 this week so not too long to wait. :)

    A show that few people seem to talk about: Penny Dreadful

    Horror/drama created by John Logan and produced by Sam Mendes. Logan wrote the likes of Gladiator, The Last Samurai, Hugo and Skyfall and Mendes directed Skyfall and American Beauty.

    Stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and Billie Piper.

    From Wikipedia:
    The title refers to the penny dreadfuls, a type of 19th-century cheap British fiction publication with lurid and sensational subject matter. The series draws upon many characters from 19th-century Irish and British fiction, including Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, Mina Harker and Abraham Van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Victor Frankenstein and his monster from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

    Did I mention it stars Eva Green?

      Eva Green! *flails*

      EDIT: Also, Josh Hartnett. I'm a totally straight dude, but if I suddenly wasn't anymore, it'd totally be Josh Hartnett's fault.

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      is it just me or did season 2 take it from being a little weird to totally fucking strange?

    Best kids show - Dirtgirl World.


      I believe this is sarcasm but even so it should never have been voiced. It makes me cringe and want to cry and hurl and then I get enormous flashes of rage where I'm quite certain I could incinerate anything with a glare.

      Just how her mouth moves, it's an uncanny evil thing.

        I agree. That show is creepy!

          Lulz nah man - what about the stunt bugs?! So awesome!

        Nah ive got a bit of a crush on her - shes the bomb and her songs are the best of any kids show!

      Seriously that show embodies everything that anyone has ever said was wrong with the ABC.

      Bizarre leftist agrarian propaganda dressed up as a poor man's mulligrubs with two dimensional characters that live in the uncanny valley

      Whoever is continually green lighting this horror show needs to be hauled in front of a senate committee to explain their thought process to the taxpayer...

    dark matter - made by the stargate devs
    +1 for humans and mr robot

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    Penny Dreadful and Black Sails

      Black Sails really escalated in the last season. It started out being fairly light and almost a bit cheesy and then got super intense. I really love it.

        +1 Black Sails!

        Season 2 picked it up a gear, and like GoT you kind of need someone sitting next to you who knows every character for the first season. So much going on, and the story gets deeper, better and more complex!

        Plus if you pirate it, it doesn't have the same guilty edge to it. Yarr.

          Also, you need someone to explain that the Book-keeper/Quartermaster is actually a different actor in the second season, so as not to spend the entire first episode thinking you are going mad.

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