Old Cars Also Look Really Good In Project CARS

Car porn. Let's be real here. The very best 'realistic' racing games usually do a great job of being car porn.

And usually car porn is about the latest and greatest. The newest and shiniest. But in the world of cars there is another fetish: that of the 'classics'. Car fans love old cars just as much as they love new cars.

Which is why this Old vs New car pack on Project CARS is pretty interesting. It contrasts old models of specific car brands with new ones. The above trailer does a pretty good job of communicating that concept.

Goddamn Project CARS is a sexy looking video game.


    Such a shiney game... shame the driving simulation isn't as good as the graphics...

      Got bored of this game pretty quickly, shame, it looks great and the car sounds are amazing.

      I've never understood the flak this game copped. I have a feeling it's too hard for a lot of people so they just say the driving sucks and that's that.

        it isn't that at all..
        well over 500 hours of racing on iracing.com
        100+ on asseto corsa
        firstly, the games as supplied by SMS via Steam does NOT work.
        i downloaded it via the pirate bay (and ian bell knows this) and it actually worked that way.
        however, even with the latest patches, handling isn't the best.
        at times, you can go just as fast on wet grass and gravel traps as you can on the track, rubberbanding by the AI, and they are on rails as well.
        it is a pretty piss poor simulation, more of an arcade game, actually, it is an arcade game

          That's not true at all absolute lie!!! You don't go as fast off track as on track at least not on ps4

        Yep that's exactly it!!!I would imagine if u cant get a valid lap or stay on track it would suck

    Car porn NSFW

    Car threesome to be exact.

    Last edited 28/08/15 2:43 pm

      mounted for a hummer, there is so many puns in that photo

    As an avid sim racer I can confirm it isn't a very good sim, nothing to do with it being too hard it just isn't up to par with most of the current sims.

    Still a good bit of fun and looks super good but it isn't that great.

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