One MMO Is Sending Its Trolls, Hackers And Griefers To A Virtual Alcatraz

How precisely do you deal with people in MMOs that are found guilty of botting, cheating, griefing and generally being a negative influence? One MMO is trialling an interesting answer.

In a post on the official forums, a Daybreak Games Company developer has unveiled the lid on an intriguing new experiment that they think might be the solution to cleaning up the EverQuest 2 community.

“Later this week we plan to release a server we are calling “Drunder,” which is a ‘prison server’,” the developer posted. “Ultimately, players who are caught breaking our rules and disrupting EQ2 live server gameplay will be flagged for this server, and no others — ever.”

“Drunder will get no customer service support and it will require a maintained membership to access and play. Rather than disrupt live servers in an attempt to join the “prison server,” players can use our /petition system and ask to join Drunder.”

“To be clear: You won’t be able to move individual characters to this server, while maintaining characters from the same account on another server. This is a ONE-WAY trip for an entire account forever.”

What’s equally interesting is how it will effectively open up a new zone for people who want to live in utter chaos. “Ultimately, players who break the rules – or want to – will have a world of their own to do… whatever they will.”

Daybreak added the results could be fascinating since it’s such an unusual method of dealing with this kind of player behaviour. I can see Drunder becoming a little bit like DayZ or Rust, in how players interact, trade, backstab and generally mistrust each other.

What do you think of the move — or would you prefer all MMOs simply ban individual characters as per usual?

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