One Of The PS4's Best Features Gets Added To The Newest Batman Game Today

One of the PS4's best features gets added to the newest Batman game today as Arkham Knight gets Photo Mode in the game's 1.05 update.

Here's what the 4.3 GB update includes:

  • New Feature: Photo Mode

  • New Feature: Force Original Voice Cast option for non-English Territories

  • Support for August additional content

  • Updates for WBPlay and Downloadable content

  • General gameplay, graphical, audio, ui and localisation fixes.


    4.3 gigs is yikes.

      The old PS4 HDD is filling up pretty quickly, and shit like this ain't helping.

        I had to delete a few games to be able to install Arkham Knight in the first place. Finally took the plunge yesterday and ordered a 2TB HDD so that I can soon get all my games back and hopefully won't have to deal with it again any time soon.

      I saw an explanation for this:

      The update is really more like 1.8 GB. It's only 4.3 GB if you've never downloaded the previous updates. Yes, it says 4.3 in the download list. But the "Preparing to Download" step is the system running through its current update files and comparing it to the new update to see which files need to be downloaded. So when the download actually starts, it starts at about 2.5 GB already downloaded.

    Who'd have thought they lied when they said fixing the PC version was their top priority? Colour me surprised.

    Dammit. Just finished it on my New Game + playthrough. Might have to go through once again.

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