Ori And The Blind Forest Is Getting An Expansion

Briefly: In unexpectedly wonderful news, Xbox's Major Nelson revealed Ori and the Blind Forest is getting an expansion on PC and Xbox One this year. There aren't any details on what to expect yet, but if you haven't yet played one of this year's best games, get on it!


    Aww yeah! Great news.

    Love this game so much. It's one of my favourite games I've played in recent memory.

    Cool, this is great news! And for those who haven't played it yet, i saw this Ability Tree guide on the moon studios twitter page a few days ago: http://geekgameguides.com/ori-and-the-blind-forest-abilities-a-complete-overview-and-guide-to-the-ability-tree I wish i had this when i played the game. Yeah i screwed up big time on the Ability Tree lol. I still finished the game, but if you don't want to end up gimped and farming ability points late game read it :). Also is anyone else liking all of these hit games announcing definitive editions at gamescon? First Dishonored and now Ori and The Blind forest! I think its great, what do you think?

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