Our First Good Look At Scalebound 

Video: Shown off at the Xbox press conference in Germany today, here’s a long look at Scalebound, the Monster Hunter-ish action game by Platinum Games that will be out on Xbox One next year.


  • Monster Hunter-ish
    I think that’s putting it incredibly lightly. Still, looks like it could be really good.

    • Do you mean it looks nothing like monster hunter at all? Because if so, I agree. This looks like fable with a dragon.

      • Actually, the opposite 😛
        The monster design, the combat, and the feel of it (wait…can I judge the feel of a game by the look of it??) made me think of nothing but Monster Hunter. I think it’ll get a lot of comparisons to the MH series throughout development.

        • Yeah, it has a monster in it, thats the only similarities I see. The combat system looks like an arcady rpg like fable, not like monster hunters, which solidified the genre that dark souls and demon souls are a part of.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The only thing that remotely resembles Monster Hunter is there is a dragon in it LOL.

    • Even though I don’t own an Xbox One (yet) this is a Day 1 purchase for me as well, support Platinum Games!

    • I’m a little worried about Day 1 purchases in this day and age of broken games on release patched to working by the time they are half price.

      But Platnium haven’t screwed us yet have they?

  • I’ve hated every Platinum game I’ve ever touched (with a passion) but I’m intrigued by this.

    And the soundtrack is a) not dubstep, it’s EDM (The Prodigy, at that) b) better than the awful J-rock tripe that Platinum games usually inflict upon us.

    Shame it’s an XB1 exclusive though.

  • Is it just me or does it not feel like a Platinum Games’ game? I mean, he looks way too slow to even be fighting those large monsters and his running animation looks like it suffers a bit from what Marston suffered from in Red Dead. Not hating on the game cause it looks pretty decent overall, but I hope they fix that or something.

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