Our First Good Look At Scalebound 

Video: Shown off at the Xbox press conference in Germany today, here's a long look at Scalebound, the Monster Hunter-ish action game by Platinum Games that will be out on Xbox One next year.


    Monster Hunter-ish
    I think that's putting it incredibly lightly. Still, looks like it could be really good.

      Do you mean it looks nothing like monster hunter at all? Because if so, I agree. This looks like fable with a dragon.

        i had a FFXV demo feel when i watched it.

        Actually, the opposite :P
        The monster design, the combat, and the feel of it (wait...can I judge the feel of a game by the look of it??) made me think of nothing but Monster Hunter. I think it'll get a lot of comparisons to the MH series throughout development.

          Yeah, it has a monster in it, thats the only similarities I see. The combat system looks like an arcady rpg like fable, not like monster hunters, which solidified the genre that dark souls and demon souls are a part of.

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        I'd like some of the narcotics you're taking.

        Fable. um....ok.

      I was thinking the same thing. The only thing that remotely resembles Monster Hunter is there is a dragon in it LOL.

    dubstep? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      Yeah I know. Looks like DMC x Monster Hunter x FFXV. I find the protagonist to be quite annoying. Very 'bro'-ish and flippant, quite unsympathetic. The monster on monster fighting looked pretty good though.

        The only monster hunter part being the monsters? :P Yeah looks like DMC style combat with dragons.

      Dubstep ruins games for me, the fact that its even used for anything still other than interrogation techniques is beyond me

      Seemed to me that it was in character.

    Day 1 purchase

      Even though I don't own an Xbox One (yet) this is a Day 1 purchase for me as well, support Platinum Games!

      I'm a little worried about Day 1 purchases in this day and age of broken games on release patched to working by the time they are half price.

      But Platnium haven't screwed us yet have they?

    This looks pretty good. Suspect they may have lifted the voice acting from Avatar...

    I've hated every Platinum game I've ever touched (with a passion) but I'm intrigued by this.

    And the soundtrack is a) not dubstep, it's EDM (The Prodigy, at that) b) better than the awful J-rock tripe that Platinum games usually inflict upon us.

    Shame it's an XB1 exclusive though.

      If you want to get technical it's actually breaks. But still a far cry from dubstep

    Is it just me or does it not feel like a Platinum Games' game? I mean, he looks way too slow to even be fighting those large monsters and his running animation looks like it suffers a bit from what Marston suffered from in Red Dead. Not hating on the game cause it looks pretty decent overall, but I hope they fix that or something.

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