Persona Fans Will Want To Check Out DidYouKnowGaming’s Latest

Persona fans will want to check out DidYouKnowGaming’s latest, where they introduce us to cool factoids about everyone’s favourite high school simulator. I had no idea Mitsuru could get so feisty about cheating!

Also, Kanji used to look way different. Whoa. And the whole bit about trying to put Nanako in the fighting games? Hilarious. Worth a watch if you have the seven minutes to spare.


  • I find most of the “Did You Know Gaming?” stuff rather interesting.. but got rather turned off the channel when he went slightly preachy edging into SJW territory about DoA and whatnot on one of his vids..

    He quickly backtracked/apologised/explained his position on it but.. meh xD

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