Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Coming To The PS4 Next Year In Japan

Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the PS4 next year in Japan. The PS4 version will be playable at next month's Tokyo Game Show. The game was first released in Japan on PC back in 2012.

[Source] (Japan)

Image via Phantasy Star Wiki


    Seriously, Sega? What are you doing...?

    Also, why is the header image for Phantasy Star 2 and not PSO2?

      the 1989 date on it seems appropriate though, feels like I've been waiting forever for a proper english version.

    Just give us a new Phantasy star RPG damn it, first RPG I ever played.

      Seconded! Still remember the days mapping out the Phantasy Star dungeons with graph paper! ;)

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