Photoshops Make Fallout’s Monsters Look Realistic, Terrifying

Photoshops Make Fallout’s Monsters Look Realistic, Terrifying

One artist brings Fallout to life using photo manipulation, and the results are fantastic — if not a little scary.

Alfred Khamidullin recently shared some of his work online in a showcase of images that take real-world scenes and mash them together with Fallout enemies, objects, and characters that we know, love, and sometimes fear. The Deathclaw above, for example? Cripes. Don’t wanna run into that while adventuring in an abandoned building (America’s favourite past-time, I know).

Below are more Fallout photo manipulations you should totally check out.

Feral Ghouls




You can check out more of Khamidullin’s work on DeviantArt, or look at more Fallout photo manipulations here.


  • those deathclaws are too small unless their ment to be babies/young deathclaws as adult deathclaws tower over humans and supermutants

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