Poll: What Japanese Gamers Want In The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Poll: What Japanese Gamers Want In The Final Fantasy VII Remake

So, they’re remakingFinal Fantasy VII. It won’t be exactly the same and things will change. But what do you want in the game? Some Japanese gamers were asked just that.

Note: The answer to this poll might contain spoilers if you’ve never played FFVII.

According to My Navi, 444 of its readers were asked if they had played Final Fantasy VII. Out of that, 89 said, “yes.” That’s not a huge sample by any stretch, but the site then asked them what they wanted in the game. Here are the top five answers, with the percentage of those that answered:

5. Enhancing or improving Yuffie Kisaragi’s scenes – 9 per cent

4. Enhancing or improving the game’s ending – 11.2 per cent

3. Full voice acting – 13.5 per cent

2. Adding more mini-games in the Gold Saucer – 20.2 per cent

1. Adding an Aeris lives “route” (or storyline) – 32.6 per cent

The first one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Hope Square Enix doesn’t cave and offer an option for alternate Aeris storyline.

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      • If they don’t work in costume DLC I’ll be agape with shock.

        (I want to dress Yuffie as Vanille from FFXIII)

        (I also want to dress Cloud as Sephiroth… but that seems unlikely to happen).

    • I’d be ok with a fluid combat system like FFX-2. Still essentially turn based with ATB but in battle character movement and positioning and chain system to liven things up a bit. Let us stay away from action rpg territory though

      • Yeah, FFX-2s system would be fine. I’m really worried they’re going to go more toward FFXV though. Really not a fan of how that plays.

        • I doubt they’d go FFXV’s route. FFXIII on the other hand… similar to FFX-2, but control only one person.

    • I personally don’t want a new battle system as each battle system is unique to each FF game. Forgoing the existing battle system would be losing a fundamental part of FF7 and would simply be another FF with a FF7 skin attached.

  • In the name of end game content I’d actually like this, it actually sucks losing her as a character if you focused levelling her throughout the game and having her items rot away in your invent for no reason being a constant reminder.. Also want purpose to unfinished quests such as the toy soldiers and a purpose for tissues ≥.≥

    But seriously can’t wait to step foot in the Gold saucer.

  • I think that it is vital to the story that Aeris remains dead, but could be obtained as a summon that casts Holy, as it is the only materia the player can’t use in the original game

  • Why would anyone want an Aeris lives route. The reason this death has had so much impact was because there was nothing you could do to save her. Do people honestly think this would still be talked about if you could have revived her the first time?

    Still what better way to remake a game than to make one of the most emotionally impactful scenes in video games redundant huh?

    • Exactly. The whole story line ties in with her death.
      The ending would be different (Aeris casts holy to try and stop meteor), thus all the post-game stories would be different.

  • While we’re at it, why don’t we make it so that Romeo realises that Juliet is only sleeping? Or how about we kill off Iago before he poisons Othello’s mind? Why the crap would they ever change one of the most enthralling and deeply unexpected storylines in videogame history?

    • Or make it so the wicked witch was actually good!!

      It can be done, but in this case nah, I can’t see them putting any real new twist on it without destroying the original plot line

    • I’m going to be real here and suggest that Romeo and Juliet is a crap tragedy. The whole thing relies on an annoying amount of coincidence. I’ll pay your Othello example though, Old William really hit it out of the park with that one.

    • Well, it’s not really unexpected now after twenty years of people spoiling it…

      Might be interesting if they took it in a direction where if Aeris lives, lots of other people die. For example, Cloud (minus revenge motive) winds up settling down, only to find Meteor filling his sky one evening without remotely enough power to stop it.

      But almost anything along those lines would probably be even more disappointing, in a much more fundamental sense.

  • I don’t mind the idea of Yuffie taking a more prominent role, moving her from side character that you could miss altogether to main character would be an OK change. The ending and the death shouldn’t change, they have shaped gaming too much for them to futz with it and the retcon would make advent children weird, not sure about crisis core or dirge of cerberus though, never actually played them.
    Combat system I would like to see done in the style of FFX-2 if they mess with it at all. I don’t want an action RPG.
    Golden Saucer getting more playable minigames I think is a great idea. consider tasking someone with making them interesting and playable beyond the barebones that exist in the original game and it might make an online leaderboard possible.
    They can mess with the world map a bit if it is to make it larger and more interesting. Still airship accessible but think xenoblade chronicles (and X from what I have seen of the footage) where the world map parts of it still feel like separate entities from the towns and locations but have their own identity.

    • I can accept Yuffie being re-worked if they do the same with Vincent. That guy is way too badass to be consigned to an optional side-quest.

    • Crisis and Dirge stuck to the plot line and revealed continuations that seem to be pointing to another Reunion, I actually thought that was going to be the next instalment in the series and I still have my suspicions that might be the direction.
      The fact they said it won’t be the remake many expect has me curious

  • I don’t want them to change a thing, update yes, but not change it. We have been asking for a remake all of these years, not a different game. Messing around with mini games at golden saucer is all good and well, but changes to the plot and battle system are major parts of what made the original so awesome.

  • Anybody asking for an Aeris lives option either doesn’t understand the point of the game… or understands it too much.

        • Aerith* The name is ingrained for many.

          I can’t even remember when I found out the name was a mistake, but it was years after playing FFVII (And I’ve played the game 1-2 times a year since release, it’s stuck in there man)

          • Shit a brick, I was completely spun around. Aeris is the name I tended to use.
            Ive been playing KH2 remaster, it’s ruining my memories T_T

          • Okay, I get the whole Japanese -> English localisation of Japanese sounds can be tricky. Let’s set aside the whole “what the creator intended” discussion. I personally believe that Aeris is a much better sounding name.

            This is going to sound ridiculously entitled, but if it’s not Aeris (or more reasonably they don’t give me the option of making it Aeris) then I’m not going to buy this remake. I mean, I doubt I’m going to get much play out of it anyway. I’d be buying it for sentimental reasons. If this means sticking me with the entire original localisation effort then that’s something I can live with.

          • No no no, the name will be Aeris no question, it has been in every appearance since FFVII itself.

            What I mean is the name has become ingrained in many peoples heads. We know it’s Aeris, but for many Aerith is completely acceptable when talking about her.
            We aren’t asking that the mistake be brought forward, but we don’t need to be reminded every time we use the name we came to know long before.

          • Wait, is it actually going to be Aeris? Is that confirmed?
            I could have sworn Aerith was confirmed.

          • No you are right, I had the names spun around.

            Aerith has been her name since and Aeris was the mistake.

          • Could it have been when Kingdom Hearts came out? I recall my teenage self being surprised they called her Aerith and not Aeris.

    • I may be on the understands too much side – I have played the absolute death out of this game.

      She is a fun character to use and because she was meant to die in the game her end game limit break and weapon is so strong yet you have like as little as an hours game time to use it – it sucks (also the original Aeris would discard out all equipment she had equipped when she dies which felt weird – I would always equip her with replaceable gear just before the cutscene just so I could have “all of the items”…)

      Edit – How about a “New Game+” Mode where you can keep using her after completing the story – for the sake of an additional character not to change the overall story hehe 🙂 .

      • I remember levelling the hell out of her and being frigging furious / tear induced when she dies . I think I lost around 10 or more levels of experience going with the replacement (I can’t remember if you select a replacement?). Erch, doubly painful :p

  • Give me more and better Sephiroth, and I’ll be happy 🙂

    Also work in Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo into the game!

  • True, also can’t wait to see ‘lightning school girl’ skins and ‘unlock the gold chocobo at the the start of the game Herby Fucking up all the breeding challenge but who cares anyway’ ULC :p

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