Pro Rocket League Is A Thing You Can Watch Live, Right Now

I hoped this would happen. And now it's happening. Major League Gaming is picking up Rocket League as a professional game. There is an MLG Rocket League tournament happening right now.

I am in heaven.

Matches are just about to start and I am totally going to watch. I'm keen to see what a high level Rocket League match looks like. Watching GIFs of great goals is one thing, seeing what top level players do against other top level players is something else entirely.

I suspect this is going to be highly entertaining.


    Oh I am SO watching this, thank god for dual monitor "productivity".

    Wow, I don't think I can play rocket league again without feeling so amateur. Just watched that first game and they have some mad aerial skills. That 3 car aerial assault shot must have been so depressing for the blue team

    Geez those announcers are annoying...

    I have a feeling this is going to be my entry into finally watching Esports. I always wanted to, but have never been able to understand Dota League Starcraft Street Fighter, but Rocket League... HELL YES.

    (P.S. No put down of pros of every other Esports game. Those guys got some mad skills.)

    I'm just about to finish (and probably loose) my first (amateur) Rocket League tournament, it's quite simply the most accessible entry into eSports I've seen to-date. Truly one of those 'Easy to Learn, Hard to Master' titles.

    Fingers crossed this will lead to the fateful day when I can march into the boss' office, drop my trousers, take a dump on his desk and proudly proclaim my resignation because I'm catching my private jet to Florida to play competitive Rocket League.

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